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TUTORIAL: 1920's Sultry Lips for Fall.

Hello girls, today's tutorial is inspired by Sigma Beauty's Fall Campaign that encompasses five different key elements from the makeup trends of the 1920's. This tutorial is inspired by their Sultry Lips look!

One of the main focus of the makeup from the 1920's were the lips! The shape of the lips was exaggerated especially at the cupids bow and the bottom to create a more dramatic, more narrow instead of wide, O shape for the lips! It was common during the early 1920's for women to wear darker shades of burgundy, red, plums and browns. This trend slowly transitioned into the later 20's with shades of pink, raspberry and even orange!

The eyes were mostly kept simple, research suggests, a grey shadow would be used all over the lids and the eyelashes were dramatized with mascara or a dark shadow. If you didn't know, burgundy lips are so in for fall, and to think the trend was a biggie back in the 20's! Isn't that just wow! There's just something about this look that screams pure Parisian glamour to me!

Moving onto the tutorial, Sigma Beauty uses the Paris palette to create this look amongst other products, you can check out this versatile palette inspired by the beautiful Paris here.

I used the eye shadows I had on hand to create an inspired look, and here are the products I used.


Sleek Storm Palette.
MUA Shade 11 Pearl Eye Shadow.
Essence Party All Night Eye Shadow.
Estee Lauder Sumptous Mascara.
Essence Eyeliner in White.

Luscious Lipstick in Sublime.
Luscious Plumping Lipgloss in Iced Mochaccino.

STEP 1: Start with a primed lid and using a small dense eye shader brush like the E56 from the Sigma Performance Eyes Kit is perfect for controlled application of Shade 1(labelled in the product photos) all over the inner half of the lid and inner corners.

STEP 2: Next, taking an eye shader brush like the E55, pack on Shade 2 onto the outer half and blend outwards.

STEP 3: Define the crease with a taupe color like Shade 3 using a tapered crease brush like the E47.
Use a small shader brush to apply the colors below your lower lashline as well!

STEP 4: Highlight your browbone with Shade 1 and brush away any fall out from your lashes using a lash comb. Use a spooly like the Sigma E80 to separate and clean your lashes!

STEP 5: Curl your lashes and add mascara!

STEP 6: Add a white pencil to your waterline and you're done with the eyes!


Moving onto the lips.....
STEP 1: Exfoliate and moisturize with a lip balm!

STEP 2: Use a concealor brush like the Sigma F75 to kill the color of your lips, you can also use just your foundation with a brush like the F80 from the Vegan Sigmax Collection to conceal your lips! Don't forget to dust with setting powder to set the foundation or concealor.

STEP 3: Apply your lipstick exaggerating the top and bottom of your lips to make them appear rounder, keeping the corners nicely concealed! Use a lip brush like the retractable Sigma L05

STEP 4: Layer a shimmery gloss on top to intensify the sultriness!

And there you have, sultry lips, 1920's style! Who remembers, the awesome 1920's flashback episode from TVD!? I think this makeup look along with the right dress and jewelry make for a perfect gone back into time Halloween costume! Not to mention a simple but stunning trend for this fall, so don't forget to rock the sultry pout this fall and winter girls! Until next time, take care and have a great day!



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  1. SO HOT it sizzles :D loving it babe, and will definitely try it out :D

  2. wowww! amazzed! you've explained it soo easily! and you look hot! haha

  3. You look amazing...like a 20s diva! Must hv been so much fun doin this:-)

  4. I love how you put in effort with the costume to really make it look like the 20's. Beautiful! xx that TVD episode was EPIC.

    1. Thanks Marib!!! <3 <3 <3 I love TVD but that episode was one of the best because it was so visually rich! <3

  5. Fantastic!! I love the accessories and the luscious lip color <3

  6. oh my goodness feeding the fish is so fun, i love this by the way!


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