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My week in pictures: 3rd week Nov '12

Hello again! The past week has been so crazy it's a joke! Be warned this is probably my most mouth-watering post because now that I look back at the past week, most of it revolved around food!

1 & 2: The week started off with a pizza party with the kids and cousins!                    

3 & 4: Monday Blues were blue-n away by this super funky looking Dunkin Donut! My friend and I just couldn't take our eyes off it and since it was the only blue one in the university cafeteria, we decided to split it. Also for anyone who might want to know because I know someone will ask, my friend and I have Medora shade 484 on our nails and my ring is self made!

5: This week was a glass workshop week at our jewelry studio and it was quite exciting although I have worked with glass before, I learned a lot more than just the basic cutting and fusing of glass, we pulled out strands of glass and then made some nice jewelry!

6: A piece of black glass I pulled into a random strand.

7: I've been loving pomegranate juice and want to drink as much as I can before the fruit goes out of season! My friend mentioned how OMBRE my drink looks and it's funny because it really does!

8: In progress, a jewelry piece I'm working on.

9: The weekend was fun and it ended with some nice, hot tomato soup my Mom made!

10: I made a fresh ranch dip to go with breadsticks to have alongside the soupie! And we cuddled and had yummy soup and all was right in the world and we lived happily ever after :P

Hahah, hope you enjoyed and I hope all this food doesn't ruin anyones day :P Let me know how your week has been? Did you have soupee this weekend? Take care and have a great Sunday! <3 <3 <3


  1. Awh those jewel pieces are turning out pretty good! My sister did the same course as you. It seems pretty interesting! That is one pretty donut btw! Lol

  2. Fun pictures! That donut looks scrumptious!!

  3. That ring .. Omg I want it . I am into big statement rings

  4. Great mouth watering pics...wud love to know ur recipe for the dip:-)

  5. amazing photos! cant decide which is my favourite, i think perhaps the blue donut and the glass making! xx

  6. the first picture is my absolute fav! soo much color love the straws haha

  7. luvvvv da ring. its gorgeous!
    That's such a yummy looking doughnut.

  8. Sweety can u plz tell me from where u study the jewelry making course?

  9. I like ur style of writing "may u live happily ever after" dear I love ur self made ring can I have one..as ur the jewellery design student...can I order one of that type?

  10. hi.i sorta stumbled across your blog and i m happy i did.the photos r a treat to look at.th whole blog is so pretty and eye catching.visit my blog too.may b we can follow each other...i will be following you anyways



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