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REVIEW: Luscious Color Stories Trio in Rock Concert!

Hey pretty people! So as you can tell I have been playing with the Luscious goodies from the recent Beauty Bloggers Meetup in Lahore and this product was the one I was most excited to have recieved!

Luscious cosmetics recently launched these eyeshadow trios online and in stores nationwide in an array of 12 different combinations. If you're an eyeshadow enthusiast you will want to collect all of these babies! I got to try the shade Rock Concert!

First things first, let me say I love the matte black cardboard cases these come in. I prefer these over the glossy ones some of the Luscious lip products come in because these feel so much nicer in the hands and the matte black box is real classy. However, I'm not quite impressed with the packaging for the trio itself. The shape and size work well, but it's the plastic casing that bothers me. The lid unscrews noisily and the monogram was already fading when I first opened the trio. What I like though, is the division of the eyeshadows and the fact that you can see each trio through the transparent lid is nice too.

You get 3g of eyeshadow in each of these trios which is a nicely sufficient amount for me! What I like most about the trio Rock Concert, are the colors. Normally, I would never have picked up these colors off the counter but once I swatched these I fell in love! The lighter green and the pink are gorgeous colors and the light green paired with the darker emerald green, a simple yet on-trend smoky eye can be created in a matter of seconds! So if you're a beginner and want to rock the Pantone Color of the Year 2013 on your lids, you should definitely check out this trio!

The shadows are moderately pigmented, not crazy pigmented which is a pity considering the colors are gorgeous and more pigmentation would mean less product use. They swatch smoothly and transfer onto the eyes nicely too. The deeper green showed a hint of chalky fallout but if you use the patting technique to pack this on it should work just fine. The lighter colors have a hint more shimmer than the darker green which is great that the trio comes with atleast two different finishes. The deal with these shadows is, that you cannot and simply CANNOT skip priming your lids. Not only will a primer transform the pigmentation from average to awesome but will prevent creasing and prolong the wear for these. Seeing the way Luscious is progressing, I hope we get to see an awesome eye primer soon too! :)

Here are swatches with (top row) and without (bottom) primer. As you can tell, the swatches without primer are prone to fading and are not pigmented enough.

All in all, for the price of 395PKR, I think these are great for beginners and for people who want to try out colors they normally wouldn't because instead of buying a huge palette with these you get a nice little trio with colors you can wear on their own or paired with themselves or even others!

To shop Luscious cosmetics online click here! Don't forget to click the promotions tab on their website to benefit from the 5th anniversary promotions featuring their bestsellers for less!

- Variety of colors.
- Affordable price tag.
- Available in stores nationwide and online with worldwide shipping.

DISLIKES:- Plastic packaging.

My Rating:
3/5: Hmmm...Maybe baby!


  1. Nice review, the shade looks amazing

  2. they look nice and pigmented, i used their single eyeshadow range and trust me they were useless. anyway thank you for the review hun.

  3. I agree about the packaging. When I saw them at the store, I thought these are like the cheapie $1 eyeshadows from Wal-Mart...But the colors are really gorgeous :D Luscious could really amp it up in the eyeshadow department cuz the singles are pretty useless like Sadee said.

  4. awesome post dear , love the pics :)

  5. nice review Ayesha... I am happy to see good color is in trio by luscious

  6. I really liked the single eye shadows haha. They worked well enough for me, i dnt need any more ey shadows but ill keep an eye out for these ones.

  7. It sounds nice. I wasn't very impressed with the previous texture but these seem different. I might give it go. :) xx

  8. I was so waiting for this review! No matter how good or bad the product is, if it's by Luscious then I have to have it lol. Considering the price tag, these trios seem like a good deal :)

  9. the shades the twilight kit were worse for all above comlaining about the single range! they had terrible fallout!

  10. These trios are for sure better than Luscious' single eye shadows. I personally never judge an eye shadow's pigmentation without primer. =) The color combo is really nice. =D xx

    p.s: I could not touch my goodies yet because of pictures! =(

  11. Great price for the great pigmentation of the eye shadows. I'll have to look out for this brand in the UK!


  12. Nice review and colors combo is good :)

  13. They definitely need to be paired with a matte shadow...thx for the honest review:-)

  14. thanks for the review ayesha, very detailed and helpful. :) xx

  15. These babies remind me of Smash Box Trios and I must say all of their combinations are yummy <3 I so want to looking forward to try them out.... Lovely review <3 xxx

  16. will try one soon from the range thanks for an honest review:)


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