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REVIEW: MUA Intense Colour Liners!

Colored liner has been a hit on fashion runways since 2012, and has become a trend that has been openly welcomed by makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. At PKR 200, the MUA Intense Colour Liners are a bargain but do they perform good enough for such a cheap price? We shall see about that!

I got mine in the shades Royal Blue and Bright Orange. Without a doubt, the colors are very true to their names and I'm so glad they are because it's always tricky buying shades online not knowing what they might actually turn out to be.

The pencils are a pretty sufficient size for the price. Nothing too crazy long and not a tiny pencil either, the kind you get in drugstore makeup sets or somewhat. Comfortable to hold and for me, personally, the perfect width too. I do appreciate the fact that the silver inscription hasn't faded as yet, despite these pencils rolling around in many makeup bags for the past few months.

The winning feature for me has to be the in-built sharpeners!!! Some say it's a pain because you end up sharpening accidentally and what not. I say this is brilliant! Especially for colored pencil liners since I absolutely hate using one sharpener for all! Not only does this prevent rainbow-sharpener-syndrome* for your poor old sharpener, it's nice to keep your pencils sharp on the go.

*No, it's not a real disease.

The liners literally glide on! I'm not exaggerating or joking, I mean it. These are so soft and smooth it's almost hard to believe these are only a pound each. I also really like that while these are pretty soft, they don't melt into a goopy, creamy mess while application.

You ask, so exactly where do these liners lack? Is it pigmentation? Definitely not! Below are two swipes each and to me even a single swipe is pigment packed enough but two is just like the second "lock and seal" coat of lipstick to ensure even coverage and longer wear.

The application is also smooth and these set matte lasting a good 5-6 hours on my oily eye lids before starting to fade so I recommend an eye primer underneath to increase wear time. On my waterline, the liner in Royal Blue stays intense for 4 hours before fading. My only complaint with these is though, that they might transfer from your lashline to above the crease with time hence again, these would wear best with a primer underneath. Once these fade away, they do so evenly. I wear the shade Bright Orange as a lip liner too and it lasts amazingly! These haven't irritated my eyes in any way at all and unlike some cheap pencils these don't deposit wooden bits of sharpening in your eye or anywhere for that matter. The swatch on my arm has lasted all day now and it won't come off until I remove it myself.

So do I recommed these to a friend? Don't mind if I do! These are amazing! Unless you have super oily lids or hate colored liners I don't see why you wouldn't want to try these. These are affordable and great quality for beginners and pros alike! I'm tempted to try the black, brown and green ones from the MUA Intense Colour Liner collection. Also available are their glitter pencils and lip liners which, now that I mention it, I must try too!

Get yours at Just4girls.pk in Pakistan, Superdrug stores in the UK and MUA's website worldwide.

-Smooth application.
-Good wear time.
-Built-in sharpener.

- Transfers without a primer.

My Rating:
5/5: Makes me feel like a diva!

Thanks for reading I hope this may have proved helpful for someone out there! Leave a comment down below if you've tried these or want to!


  1. I love that blue! It looks almost purply.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I removed the previous comment cuz I wanted to add more :P I am so glad you reviewed this as I placed an order for Royal Blue a while back. Can't wait to till its here and I get to play with it :D

  4. nice will give it a try...i like the name of this new syndrome :p

  5. Great review :) Would love to try these!!

  6. Love the colors and great review. With my oily lids, I hope they don't transfer even after primer. Will definitely try one of these. xx

    1. Do try MUA primer. I also have super oily lids and that one works great for eyeshadows, concealers, eye liners and even for eye brows.

  7. Now I am very much tempted to try these out :D

  8. Oh i was always intrigued by these! Will definetly give these a go now :)

  9. I don't prefer coloured eyeliners but these are tempting! *Behind every purchase of me there is Beauty Review* LOL

  10. MUA products are brilliant for the price. I am also loving their lines and those sharpeners. Nice post. xx

  11. MUA products are brilliant for the price. I am also loving their lines and those sharpeners. Nice post. xx

  12. i have the one in orange, and i alwayssss use it as a lip pencil-cum-lipstick lol, and it turns out to be great every time! decent staying power plus super awsome shade! a great product for such an affordable price tag. :)

  13. Wow, the pigmentation! The orange is almost glowing. These are beautiful, but I'm pretty disappointed that the swatches were not on your eyes. They would have looked pretty adorable on your eyes :(

  14. P.S the way you right is truly amazing! I almost rolled off my couch when I read that "rainbow-sharpener-syndrome"!

  15. Blue Intense Eye Liner looks super <3 MUA products are of great quality withot being heavy on pocket .... I want to try them now xxxx

  16. I really like that they have added a sharperner on the cap. Makes it so easy and quick. Lovely photography as always, Ayesha. xx

  17. I so need the blue one now, I've been putting this purchase of forever!!! Nice review Ayesha cheers!

  18. Nice to know your blog, already following you! http://womenspleasuresandtreasures.blogspot.com

  19. would love to try that orange liner :) I received my MUA package today...got mascara in same blue shade & in brown...eager to try!!!



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