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REVIEW: Luscious Glam Night Eyeshadow Palette!

The newly launched I LOVE EYESHADOW palettes by Luscious Cosmetics have been the talk of the town ever since they were revealed on Facebook. Way back on the first Lahore Beauty Bloggers Meetup, we got a sneak peek at these and got to play around with the shadows and give feedback. There were lots of squeals when these palettes were unveiled however we were sworn to secrecy ;)  I recently received the Glam Night palette to try so let's see how this one fares.

Consisting of a combination of 12 shimmer, satin and matte shades, the packaging is super cute to say the least! I love the illustration and the embossed Luscious emblem and heart. How I wish the lovely illustrations were on the palette itself! Nevertheless, the sleek black casing is very practical and chic, but my only fear is that the shiny plastic might get scratchy over time.

I absolutely LOVE the huge mirror inside the palette and indeed these palettes are very reminiscent of the Sleek eye shadow palettes. 

All 12 shades are perfect for a GLAM NIGHT out on the town. A double ended sponge applicator is also included, which everyone may not use. I am a huge fan of their fluffy blending brush and what would have made this palette perfect in my opinion would've been the addition of a brush to it!


The shadows themselves are actually quite a pleasant surprise! I was never particularly impressed with Luscious eye shadows but this palette may just have won me over! Some shades are spectacularly pigmented and while some are not so much, they still apply smoothly and with layering them twice or more you can get nice coverage! The shimmers swatch the most smoothly and then the satins, and then the mattes. However, upon application on the eyes, I experienced the mattes and the satins to transfer to the lid and blend most smoothly and shades that I didn't expect to work actually blew me away. I LOVE the satiny white shade in the palette whereas I wasn't expecting it to be so great! The shimmery shades are super smooth and soft but a wee bit chalky, almost as if they have too much talc but that's the case with most MUA palette shades so it's nothing a primer can't fix. 

In the longevity department these aren't as kick ass as they could have been but they last a good 4 hours before starting to crease or fade away. Again nothing a primer can't fix, plus if you want that extra pop you should use a primer anyways or use a concealer over the lids so that the shadows have something to adhere to hence a primer will most certainly be needed to boost the pigmentation and performance of these shadows but I have to say I am really impressed with these! All swatches below are without a primer.

All in all I absolutely love this palette! Especially so because of the variety of shades uniquely put together, they are perfect for Asian skin tones and I cannot stress this enough, Luscious rocks at making the perfect Asian suitable colors! I certainly see myself using this palette and perhaps even trying out the rest although I don't really need any more shadows, but wait, who am I kidding, ofcourse I need more eyeshadows in my lifeee. Hahah! I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone interested in trying these since these are reasonably priced at 1150 PKR. Buy it online HERE.
-Pakistani eye shadow palette comparable to international brands such as MUA.
-Color selection.
-A mix of mattes, satin and shimmers.

- Some shades are slightly chalky.

My Rating:
4/5: I'm definitely liking this!

Here's a look using this palette, a tutorial will be up soon!

Until then take care and stay gorgeous! <3 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love love the look! I have a review of the spring bloom one over on my blog and everything you said applies to those aswell! Lovee the purpleee ahh and the look!

  2. I LOVED this palette. The shades are wearable. Great review.
    P.S LOVE the look you created, you look PRETTY! xx

  3. Loved the review Nayab did and now yours has added more to the wishlist ^_^ Must pick up one of these later :D

  4. I adore this look of yours. I really like that luscious is expanding it product range.The color combination is great, seeing a mustard shade with those dark colors in the palette is unique.

  5. After reading two back to back reviews of these palettes, I really want to go out and get one of them but this is the time when I'm seriously trying to tell myself that I absolutely don't need more makeup ahh! You look pretty, waiting for the tutorial. xx

  6. Wow you look such a stunner -<3 which lipstick do you have on ?
    Since I'm in Lahore I might check these palettes out ,

  7. Love the detailed review. These palettes are really good. What is the secret of your voluminous hair? ;)

  8. WOW! I am blown away by your photos and that gorgeous look you have made with it. LOVE it <3

  9. Definitely goin to buy Thanks for sharing <3 n yes u look mindblowing MA

  10. sounds wonderful but i dont really like the colors in this palette, there's no green or royal blue...your eyes look great though! xx

  11. i like th elook of these palettes, might try one! you look gorgeous! xx

  12. I love the shades from this one!

  13. woww love the look + the review :)

  14. Absolutely loving your review!
    You are my Pakistani version of Lily Pebbles! :D

  15. Ayesha ur blog is my favorite one, your pics are so perfect

    This palette seems awesome. I want to try spring bloom

  16. Woah! I'm impressed with this palette.
    Also, you look absolutely gorgeous! :)


  17. My My! forget about the review.. I love the look and photography!!

  18. OMG!!!! Your post blown me away .. Lovely look and Im loving your pictures too. Definitely going to try at least one out of them xxxxx

  19. This Palette looks LOVELY! <3
    and your eyemakeup is so PRETTY!! <3

  20. Lovely ... loving your look <3


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