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REVIEW: Luscious Loves Fashion- KARMA!

Wearing the shade Karma from the Luscious Loves Fashion Limited Edition collection! Is it a winner for me? Let's find out!

Needless to say the bottle looks gorgeous, I talked about the packaging in my previous post for these but what makes this bottle stand out from the others is the pop of pink against the black. It screams FUN!!!

While the applicator may seem too small to some, I find it a nice change. I have quite tiny nails because my fingers are thin, hence my nail bed is thin but long story short I actually like the thin applicator. For girls who prefer a thicker/rounder brush, this may be a bit problematic although in my opinion it's no biggie!

This color is madness. MADNESS I TELL YOU! Regular followers would know how bright pinks are my weakness but I didn't expect to like this shade as much as I do. It's super pretty to the point that it's been almost two weeks and I am no mood to take it off. And I rarely ever fall in love with a polish like so because I want something new for the nails every few days. Fashion for your fingers alright ;)

It's what I'd describe as a stunning raspberry pink that leans towards fuschia (looks very fuschia in the bottle but doesn't translate so on my nails atleast) but only slightly but mannnn it's gorgeous! I especially love how glossy it still is on my nails even though I didn't finish it off with a top coat.

The only downside for me, is once again the formula. While this shade was opaque in a single coat, contrary to the Sania Maskatiya, it didn't quite put up a fight to wear & tear when it chipped on me the second day. I tried a second coat and somehow the formula dragged on my nails instead of applying smoothly. With a third coat however that too was fixed and since then the polish hasn't chipped on me. I've done a good deal of work with heavy machinery and sawing/filing tools in my studio in the past few days and usually that is enough to make a polish chip or start to wear off at the tips but this has held up quite well.

For the price of PKR 295, there's not much reason to miss this one unless you hate pinks or have way too many (but that's no excuse now is it :P) since it's a shade that'll work really well for everyone!

-Opaque in a single coat.
-Stays glossy for an impressively long time.

-Formula needs to be layered to prevent chipping.

Thanks for stopping by! Do you own this baby or is it on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments down below! Have a superb day!

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  1. Pfft! One can never have too many pinks LOL :D Love this polish, its glossiness sans topcoat and the fact that even though its been more than three weeks it has held up really well on my toes :D

  2. It's truly my kind of color <3 Perfect summer shade it is... <3 Thanks for sharing love xx

  3. Ive become obsessed with hot pinks bc of you Ayesha! pretty shade but ive read too many downsides to this collection to buy anything

  4. This is such a pretty color! I picked it up, but after swatching it at the store, I kept it back.

  5. gorgeous color <3

  6. one of my fav shades from the collection! looks lovely on you!

  7. When i swatched this one i loved it instantly and had all the mind of buying bt then remembering my nail polish collection( mostly pink) my sis stopped me lolz.I love this color on you.Just how exactly did you manage to take a shot of a dripping brush is beyond me.Love the photos.They have all the glamour KArma deserves.

  8. Hey i nominated you for liebester award on my blog. Please check



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