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REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro: Strike a Rose!

It's that time of the year when survival of your lips isn't so easy without a lip balm!

I personally do not have very dry lips and apart from the occasional need to moisturize my lips I don't find myself constantly reaching for a balm very often and so I obviously don't buy them all that much. My sister bought this Maybelline Baby Lips Electro lip balm and she let me try it out and feature it on my blog although we do not share makeup at all, mainly because she doesn't wear any, hahah. She chose the shade "Strike a Rose" a pretty pink with a hint of coral. If I would've bought one of these my pick would without a doubt be the orange one because I believe peachy tones suit me better.

However, I was surprisingly pleased with how this shade looks on me. It looks a tad deeper on my sister because she has more pigmented lips but on me it's a hint of coral and you can build these up to slightly more coverage but it's not more than the Revlon lip butters in my opinion. I don't think these are extremely "electr"-ifying as far as the pigmentation is concerned but it's definitely much more than what you get with the regular line of Maybelline Baby Lips! I prefer more pigmentation with lip products but considering that this is a lip balm and not a lip color, it's pretty impressive. The color also stays and lasts as long as the balm stays on your lips. If you wipe it off, you wipe off the color too so it doesn't stain the lips if that's your cup of tea. 

The packaging is the same, basic but revamped with a change in colors. I do like these because I prefer basic black to the colorful ones but that's just me! The product itself isn't too melty or sticky and feels OH-SO-GOOD on the lips! I've seen so many rave about these Baby Lips, and I totally get what the hype is all about. These make your pout literally baby soft and smooth. It doesn't tingle or feel heavy on the lips. It's just super hydrating and that's all. Plain, simple hydration. That's what you get. This one also smells like Skittles to me, although my sisters first reaction was raspberries! But it's a pleasant scent and doesn't linger on so it doesn't bother me although I'm not a fan of fruity scented lip products, it just reminds me of makeup for kids.

It's glossy but nothing over the top and doesn't have too much of a slip to it. That said it's not heavy or waxy at all! My sister loves hers and I'm considering getting one for myself now that I have tried it. I'm not sure how people with super dry lips will feel about this but it works for me! I totally love the way this feels although I'm not a lip balm junkie at all so I can imagine what a treat this will be for lip balm lovers!

To conclude this is a great lip balm for someone who wants just a pop of color and a lot of hydration. If you like wearing lip balm under your lipstick I suggest getting the transparent one. If you're looking for more color and less hydration, then this is not the product for you! If you're in Pakistan you can get these online at Beauty Hub for PKR 450 while the regular line is available at Maybelline counters or online at Just4girls.pk for PKR 350!

- Provides good hydration.
- Leaves lips baby soft.
- Hint of color.
-Fruity scent that doesn't linger.

- Not exactly "electro" pigmented but it's a lipbalm so I don't expect crazy pigmentation.

My Rating:
4/5: Truly worth all the hype!

Thanks for reading! What is your favorite lip balm?


  1. I love this black packaging, it's hot!! ;) & the shade definitely looks lovely on you! x

  2. This is really pretty! I have this in Pink Punch and I love wearing it on top of a lipstick

  3. Gorgeous shade it is I need one and yes the label of my Medora lipsticks got switched. Lol

  4. And don't get me wrong when I say it that I love the shape of your lips. . I am a happily married lady.

    1. Hahah! Aww Nida! Don't worry I've never taken any compliment the wrong way! Thankyou so much for the love <3

  5. Ive always wanted to be that girl, who could rock a tinted lip balm, but alas, my pigmented lipss top ,e from doing that but ill still pick up the darkest shade in the collectiona nd give it a whirl :)

  6. Its quite decent pigmentation considering its a lip balm? I like it!
    I do love your photography! xx

  7. This color suits you tooo <3

  8. Lip balms with color is always a plus point when you just need a hint of color. Plus, Baby lips are so tempting. This one has a pretty color x

  9. Okay, so I'm trying to buy something like this for my partner, and I came across so many things while visiting the websites mentioned.


    I don't even know if this page has all balms or not loool. So confused.

    However, the site is dope, probably will buy alot of things as gifts off it.

    http://just4girls.pk/ FTW!


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