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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquers!

Hey loves! Hope you're all great because I am great and extremely excited to share with you the Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquers! The brand has caused quite a stir ever since it's launch in Pakistan and everyone and anyone just wanted to find out how these super affordable yet stunning products fare for the desi beauty world. Well, let's just find out!

Let me just start out my saying that the rose gold packaging is pretty stunning, I tried my best not to blind you guys with the shine. The product itself pretty standard lip gloss packaging, plastic see through tubes with black tops. Good for storage because they don't take up too much space and they have the same rose gold font going on which I am a fan of. Give me anything rose gold, and I'll be mesmerized.

The doe foot applicator makes the process of applying these easy peasy, no issues there. The product is obviously a gloss as the name suggests. "Intense" lip lacquers, ohh yeah. These are pretty pigmented although I didn't expect them to be. Some are sheerer but quite a few of these are insanely pigmented so they're true to their title. These aren't sticky which is a relief because I just cannot stand sticky lip products and these make my lips feel super smooth and soft. They feel like nothing almost. It's dreamy actually. Comfortable wear, check! They also wear nicely throughout the day. I had two of these on, on separate occasions and they fared pretty well for 4-5 hours with a meal in between and did not bleed on me. The shine dies down only marginally from the initial application and does last almost as long as the product will last on your lips. They do not stain and wear off evenly and there's no plumping action going on which is not a problem since they don't claim to do so. The product does exactly what it says. Intense color, high shine and long lasting gloss. Ooh and they smell absolutely divine too, like cake. These smell identical to the Laura Mercier Lip Glace if not slightly better!

There are a few exceptions however, some are sheerer and less glossy. One of these seems to be prone to feathering as well. Overall, I think these are comparable to the Rimmel Apocalips and the Luscious Lip Coutures but a much more comfortable formula for me. Price wise, they fit just under the Luscious ones and quite far away from the Rimmel so these are a much better value then the other two to be honest. At PKR 550 you can pick these up at Just4girls.pk. Definitely some good liquid lipsticks to look into if you're a lightweight gloss fanatic!


MORE THAN I COULD GIVE is a universal nude shade, really opaque although you can wear it sheered out like I have in the swatch because full opacity washes me out. Fantastic color, good staying power!

Possibly my least favorite from the bunch, but that's only because I am not a fan of glitter on my lips. ALL THAT I HAVE INSIDE, literally has just glitter inside. It's the sheerest out of the lot and while it's a pretty tint of orange, the sparkle look is just not for me. However the glitter isn't chunky or overly noticeable or gritty so glitter lovers, this one's for you!

NOTHING LIKE YOU AND I is my absolute favorite out of the bunch. So pigmented and lasts really well on my lips. Just such a gorgeous rosy, earthy brick red. Brightens my whole face and is perfect for everyday wear. Totally recommend this!

NO ORDINARY LOVE is slightly less opaque than the others. The shade is a stunning cross between a pink and a coral, I just wish it were as pigmented as the others!

A LOVE LIKE THAT. I'd really truly want a love like thattt. Looks gorgeous and makes me FEEL gorgeous. Isn't that what love is really all about? Hahah. Excuse my bouts of cheesiness, but this intense cherry red is definitely one of my top favorites!

DIDN'T I TELL YOU? Say hello to my new favorite daily pink lip. This kind of reminds me of MAC Daddys Little Girl LE lipstick but a more wearable, glossy version. It's difficult to tell in this photograph but the shade has a similar cool toned dimension.  Either ways it's a great alternative. Love this!

The only shade that I had some trouble with, GAVE YOU ALL MY LOVE. The color is stunning. If you love MAC Candy Yum Yum, you will adore this as a topper to that matte lipstick because they'd be a match made in heaven. On it's own, the lacquer doesn't do justice to the gorgeous color. Definitely recommend lining or priming your lips for this one. 

Bottomline, gloss or shiny liquid lipstick lovers will adore these and for the price I really couldn't find much to complain about. These don't stain, which I would have loved if they had but they wear long enough and fade evenly so that's fine with me as well! Some shades are much better than others but that is the case with just about every brand. And how cute are the names, each one reminds me of some song and I break into a crazy karaoke which would be pretty embarrassing if this were a Youtube review. I am not a gloss fan but Makeup Revolution has made these Intense Lip Lacquers so comfortable to wear, I find myself reaching for my favorite shades quite often!

These are available to purchase for just £3.00 on the Makeup Revolution official website and 
PKR 550 on the Pakistani website Just4girls.pk!

-Opaque coverage.
-Vanilla cake scent.
-Lightweight formula.
-Comfortable wear time.
-Not sticky.
-Impressive lasting power.

-Some shades are less opaque.
-Some shades settle into fine lines.

My Rating:
4/5: Exceeds expectations!!!

I have a few more Makeup Revolution reviews lined up for you guys, so do let me know your thoughts on these and what you'd like to see more of! Hope this helps you out! Let me know what you think of these or if you have a recommendation from the brand, I'd love to know! Have a great weekend ahead! Love, Ayesha.

*This post may contain PR samples.


  1. These look so lovely! I can imagine these would look pretty on top of a lipstick

    1. Indeed Sidrah! I love Nothing Like You And I the mostt! <3

  2. I have Luscious Lip Coutures in Showstopper, Fashionista and En Vogue. Showstopper is similar to Nothing Like You And I. I love all of them :) These also look stunning :)

    1. I had the Luscious Lip Coutures as in Scandal and Papparrazi too but these are so much better and more comfortable to wear then those! I love these!

  3. why they are sooo drying on my lips :(

    1. They aren't drying on my lips at all. Do you mean the Velvet Lip Lacquers? The matte ones, because these are glossy and super comfy on the lips for me :)

  4. Wow now u have made me crave for these too..Nice swatches.. Their velvet lacquers are pretty nice too..

  5. Oooo this left me totally tempted, lovely swatches and great review.

  6. They have got some beautiful shades specially 'nothing like you and i' and 'a love like that'.

  7. Nothing like you and I does really suit you well and it's such a pretty shade! Love love love your review!! <3 xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. Awesome review as always! These look beautiful on you :) I will be getting two of these shades to add to my liquid lipstick collection :D

  9. Loved your swatches!! It really helps a lot :)

  10. love the red one,looks stunning on you


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