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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipsticks!

It is no question that Makeup Revolution has taken the drugstore beauty scene by storm with their consistent launches that give similar items from higher end brands a run for their money! It's almost hard to keep up with their launches but they seem to have everyone covered with the extensive variety of formulas! Their Amazing Care Lipsticks from the #happylips line seem very winter appropriate with a claim to keep your lips happy and hydrated with color!

Stunning signature rose gold packaging with the cutest heart shaped sticker to match the color inside. The lipsticks themselves are a basic but sturdy plastic packaging with the names stuck on the bottom but a transparent top to the lid to show the colors!

As for the product, you've got a regular lip bullet but with a core of the pigment surrounded by a layer of hydrating Argan Oil balm. You can see each shade pretty clearly and they do have a faint scent of   oil but nothing overpowering. Don't let the oil factor scare you, the balm has a lightweight, non greasy texture and feels super easy to wear. If you're anything like me and hate the heavy feel of petroleum jelly, then you will adore this formula! It feels hydrating but doesn't get all over the place and leaves just enough shine on the lips.

Performance wise, the #happylips are definitely on the sheerer side of lip products. They can be built up but will not match the full intensity of the color you see but that is exactly how they are meant to be. Some shades fade considerably faster while the deeper colors leave a stunning stain behind!

My only gripe with these is the fact that with the pigment inside the core, it's not easy to get an even coverage of color in one go. You will need to go over the lips quite a few times! It's easier for people like me with thin lips but I can imagine the struggle for fuller pout folks! I'd say using a lip brush would be a solution but that's more of a hassle to me. Also, after frequent usage,the pigment core starts to sink into the bullet leaving the Argan layer ever so slightly ahead which means you will get more hydration and less pigment.

Left-Right: Love Nude, Love A Hug, Love Pink, Electric Love, Love Red.
Lip swatch: Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Love Nude.
Lip swatch: Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Love A Hug.
Lip swatch: Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Love Pink.
Lip swatch: Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Electric Love.
Lip swatch: Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Love Red.
Standout shades for me were Love Nude and Love Red! The nude is a fantastic shade for my skintone without leaving my skin washed out and the red is a great way to wear the color without going full on bold. Both great everyday shades! They do remind me a lot of the Josie Maran Argan LoveYour Lips, so if you've wanted to try that concept out but aren't willing to dish out that much cash, these are a great way to try something similar! These are good for people who want the feel of a balm with a subtle bit of color and the shine of a gloss!

These lipsticks are available on the Makeup Revolution website for worldwide shipping. Just4girls.pk and Daraz.pk are official online sellers of the brand in Pakistan for PKR 575!

-Sheer color.
-Affordable pricetag.

-Need to go over a few times to get even coverage.

My Rating:
3/5: Dry lips will love these!

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  1. Sheer but I like the concept! By the way love your new header! ^^ x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. I love full coverage lipsticks more but they look great for drier lips..

  3. I have this lipstick in Electric Love and I agree with everything you wrote in your review. Getting the color to spread evenly is a big hassle...

    1. True that! I do love the feel of the Argan Oil though! :)

  4. You pictures are such a treat to the eyes!! Could you pls tell me which camera and lens do you use?


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