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REVIEW: MAC Isabel & Ruben Toledo Lipstick: Barbecue.

My apologies for showcasing a Limited Edition product on the blog, but I just have to get this out there asap because there's still a chance to get your hands on the MAC Barbecue Lipstick from the Isabel & Ruben Toledo collection!

Just the stunning, matte, white packaging is enough to draw anyone in and is the reason why I just couldn't stay away from this particular collection! I have been a HUGE fan of Toledo's rather eccentric but exquisite fashion illustrations before I even began attending art school, so this was just extra special to me and when I stumbled upon the shade, Barbecue, it just HADDD to happen! The color just speaks to me in a way no one understands. Lols. It's a red based orange described as a vivid orange red in a matte formula, which is my favorite finish in lipsticks generally but it's not a chalky, uncomfortable matte by any means. Infact it has got just enough life to it and although it doesn't moisturize my lips, it doesn't dry out my lips either. The color is opaque in one swipe and lasts- OMG- lasts as long as 6-7+ hours on me which is amazing. I do need a touch up if I've devoured some extra greasy food or something but other than that it's good. 

And here's a lip swatch! I love how the color just keeps me second guessing on whether it's red or orange lol but I definitely think it leans more orange-rust on me which is pretty unique and I don't have anything quite like it! It's got just the perfect amount of brightness too, nothing too OTT and while I don't own MAC Lady Danger or So Chaud, I do believe they are not complete dupes judging by Temptalia's swatches! It's so comfortable to wear and I've already been religiously reaching for it! Summer time, bring it on!

My Rating:
5/5: A well deserved fiver!
All in all, it ticks all boxes for me although at $17.50 (still available at Nordstrom guys! Woot woot! But not for long) it is not the cheapest lipstick. I got mine for PKR 2600, (from Alfatah Lahore and they still have more instock) which is about $26 so it's safe to say I SPLURGED lol. But in my defense, with the tough office life (so tough :P) a self treat was way due! Needless to say, it was well worth it! Thanks for stopping by ladies! Have a great time! 


  1. beautiful collection :)


  2. Love that packaging <3 and the shade is yum yum yummy gorgeousss,,,, nice review :)

  3. Omg! This has been in my wishlist ever since it came out! This looks so pretty on you ayesha. I need to check alfatah now asap

  4. Love your lip swatches Ayesha! I have been eyeing this collection, but can't decide on the shade, most of them are to vibrant for me :P

  5. You carry reds with the best ever confidence Ayesh! love the post and i think it's no harm in giving a small space to limited editions on the page :)

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