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Luscious for less!

Hi girls! I recently got myself some Luscious Cosmetics and I'm so glad the package reached me before Eid so yay for that! I had been wanting to try out their brushes, and a couple of lip stuff so here's what I got!

I purchased the 7 Piece Brush Set, an Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, and a Luscious Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick (repurchase for me) from Stay Stylish who also gave me three cute little samples of eye & lip primer and an eyeshadow! All of these she makes herself and I will review these soon to let you guys know my thoughts on them!

Like I said I had been wanting to try out Luscious brushes for a while, and these were great for the price of rs/- 850 already, but you can get them for even less at Stay Stylish so it's great if you're new at makeup like me and want to try out some brushes that you don't already have!

I got the Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Crush, and I've been wanting this for the longest time having swatched it in store - it was love at first swatch! It's a gorgeous candy, bubblegum pink and is slightly blue toned, which made me think it might not be the one for me but we will see about that very soon ;) The price on the website is not listed at the moment, but I've seen popular stores in Lahore sell this for a varying price of rs/-465 to rs/-395, if that makes any sense, hahah!

Last but not the least was this Lip Couture in Celebrity! It retails for rs/- 595 (or atleast that's how much I paid for my first one in store- again the website doesn't list the price). I got this one for rs/- 450, so I'd say that's not bad at all! Like I mentioned this was a repurchase for me,  but not because I ran out of it- I was forced to :P Oh dear, the joys of having younger siblings who love meddling with stuff they're not supposed to! Let's just say the fate of my older Lip Couture wasn't a pretty one. That said, this was too gorgeous a product for me not to repurchase! I loved wearing this and will continue to do so and I would have paid the regular price for it too but the fact that I got a discount makes me feel slightly better about the money lost on the former one!

I have to say that buying stuff online from Facebook pages does scare me a bit, you never know who is legit or not, but for me personally this turned out to be a good experience although I've had my share of bad ones too! It's important to be careful while making purchases online unless it's a well-known legit website or the official brand itself unless you're willing to risk it ;)

To buy these products online you can check out the official Luscious Cosmetics website here!
To get Luscious Cosmetics from this re-seller on discount, click here!

So that's it for my rather small haul, reviews for each will be up soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading! Take care and do comment down below if you have anything to say, I'd love to hear it!


  1. the lip couture color looks like a color to definitely try out! nice haul xx


    1. It definitely is! Perfect neutral gloss! <3

  2. I have been loving the lip couture's! You should definitely do a review on the brush set because I was looking into buying one too :) Thanks for letting us know about the discounted seller :)

    1. The brush set is good for the price! I will do an indepth review very soon! <3 <3 <3

  3. How sweet ayesha!


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