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REVIEW: Rivaj UK Lipsticks.

Hello gorgeous! So I've had these Rivaj Uk Lipsticks for quite a while and I thought I'd review these for you. The brand name confuses one as to whether the cosmetic line is from the UK or is it local, with the use of an Urdu word, but regardless of where it's made and from, local or imported, are these lipsticks worth it for the price of under rs/-100?

The first, most obvious thing is the packaging. The shape reminds me of a MAC lipstick, but when I compared these to a MAC one, there were some obvious differences in shape apart from the fact that these are obviously cheaper quality and not as sturdy. These are slightly bigger & thicker than the sleeker MAC ones, and the lipstick bullet is also thicker inside. The packaging doesn't feel completely cheap & plasticy for the price you pay, these aren't going to fall apart in your makeup bag but it's not particularly the most visually appealing of packaging either!

The shades I got were 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and many more :P but for now I am reviewing shades 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
(Shade 3 was a deep burgundy brick color, so I gave it to my mom).

Here's how the lipsticks look on the inside. As you can see shades 2 and 4 are slightly damaged from the tubes unlike the latter 3 and I'll explain why.

Here are some swatches of shades 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the respective order. Shade 2 is a very pale pinky nude and so is Shade 4 except with a hint of a peachy undertone. The lipsticks are quite creamy, infact creamy is an understatement!! They melt like a JetSport in the hot summer sun if you know what I mean :P For my personal liking, these two shades are a bit too creamy as is Shade 5 which is a really gorgeous siren red. The super creamy formula, makes it the poorest lasting red lip I have met in my life, it lasts, like Shades 2 and 4, only a few couple hours. Perhaps using a lip liner underneath this lipstick would help it to last longer.

However you can work your way around it by the apply and blot build up technique which makes this lipstick I guess worth the 95 PKR I paid for it. If you've never tried a red lip before, this has great color pay off so this might be good just to try for the price or maybe it might work better for you.

Shades 6 and 7 however have much better longevity and I much prefer their formula too, although I dont see how and why Rivaj UK has such a wide variety of formulas! Each lipstick has it's own unique finish which, as strange as it is since these are all from the same line of lipsticks, could be a good thing for some as well.

I find that Shade 6, a very pretty but subdued fuschia color can last on me almost 6 hours and sometimes even more WITH eating and drinking. Shade 7 is a nice slightly more matte finish nude, which is a browny pink neutral, definitely recommend this one for Asian skin tones. However it isn't my personal favourite to wear as it doesn't feel completely comfortable on my lips.

I think Shade 2 and 4 were an absolute waste of money. Shade 2 barely gives much coverage and it has the strangest texture ever! The shade is just not right for me, the store lighting fooled me. I feel that I can still make Shade 4 work paired with a lipgloss but I think I'd pass. Shade 6 doesn't have the coverage that Shade 5 offers but it is still my favorite from the lot. Shade 7 has decent coverage but it feels heavy on the lips. 

All in all, I think for the price the latter three are alright. the first two shades are a waste of money for me, however little it may be. From these five, only these three shades were worth checking out for me but then that's just me. Who knows, what may not have worked for me at all may work for you! I'd say these are hits and misses, I have some shades from Rivaj UK that are my must haves, some I'd be happy to toss out any day.

I bought these lipsticks from a local superstore for the price of PKR 95 each! Eye Love Makeup on facebook sells Rivaj UK products online, so if your local stores don't stock this brand you can check it out here!
My Rating for Shades 2, 4:
2/5: Is this a joke!

My Rating for Shades 5, 7:
3/5: Hmm! Maybe Baby!

My Rating for Shade 6:
5/5: Makes me feel like a diva!

Thankyou so much for reading, leave your comments, questions or anything you'd like to say down below <3 <3 <3


  1. the red is so gorgeous! so is the fuschia too bad they aint longlasting though! nice review:) x

    1. Thanks Rikki! <3
      The Fuschia surprisingly lasts quite long on me! But the red I wish lasted longer!

  2. these seem okay i guess! you should try the becute lipsticks, they're for 200 each and are quite a bargain for what you get! just be just not to get the very light shades since the formula of those is a bit drying!

    1. Really? I'll be sure to look out for them, haven't seen becute here. Thanks for letting me know :D

  3. Oh I didn't know about these lipsticks. They look better than the price tag of PKR 95. I love Shade 5. x

  4. i love shade 5 i need to get my hands on these.

    1. Shade 5 is something! But be sure to apply a lip liner underneath if you do to prolong the wear!

  5. It's affordable and targeted to those can't afford much; great to know your opinion on it. And like you mentioned, the quality and the texture differs for each shade. Great review! <3

  6. love the way u review!

  7. i have all the shades u mentioned xpt 5.i like 4.my number 4 is a lil more colored though.dnt know y this can b :) well seems like i missed the best frm the lot which is number5


  8. Nice review. definitely going to try shade 5 now, it looks really good :)


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  11. Is .UK rivaaj lipsticks are halal


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