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REVIEW: Luscious 7 Piece Brush Set

 Hello ladies, today in the spotlight, is the Luscious 7 Piece Brush Set from my Luscious Haul!

What Luscious has to say about this-
Luscious Cosmetics presents the ultimate beauty tool: a set of luxury brushes perfect for all your makeup application needs. These brushes come with a stylish and convenient Luscious signature carrying case.
We have updated this bestselling brush set with a retractable pink lip brush and a new case design!

Luscious makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free. (source)

My thoughts-
First of all this is the updated brush set, with new casing and the addition of a pink metal casing lip brush. Having never seen the previous set before, I can't really compare the two but the new case is pretty good quality, although I do wish they had a sturdier case lock system because the TINY magnetic snap buttons this one comes with, as cute and sleek they may look, are just not that great. One of mine I fear will come out pretty soon unless I am super careful and gentle while opening the case everytime.

I love the material of the case though, it won't get dirty and any dust or makeup cleans off this easily (I got a tiny bit of mineral foundation on this case and I feared it would be embedded in the fabric forever but it came off so easy!)

Now onto the brushes! The set includes:
1. Blush brush
2. Fluffy blending brush
3. Flat eye shader brush
4. Round crease brush
5. Eyeliner brush
6. Retractable lip brush
7. Eyebrow & eyelash comb.

The brushes aren't super short and aren't super long either, so I am happy and comfortable with their size.

This one was something I was already mentally prepared for. I could just tell this brush wasn't going to be great quality and it's not. You have to really work with this with a really light hand to apply your blush. Also the top view of the brush in the previous photo shows you how flat this brush is, so it's definitely no good for apply blush or powder all over the face. It might work for loose powder under the eyes and for contouring the nose perhaps. I don't see myself using this brush.

The fluffly blending brush is probably my favorite out of the bunch. A nice brush this little one. Great for beginners. Blends shadows nicely and picks up the right amount of color. Hasn't shed on me yet!

The flat shader brush is a little too flat if you noticed in the third picture of this post. Had it been a bit more dense it would really be great to pack on color all over the lid. Also this brush is a bit on the smaller side but it does a decent job and doesn't shed either.

I love the round crease brush (though Luscious describes it as an Eyeshadow Shader brush?) This brush packs on so much color, I wish they sold it separately.

The eyeliner brush is good for making precise lines. I don't know whether beginners will like this one or not. I much prefer an angled liner brush but this one is great too.

I love this lip brush. It's pink. It's got metal. It's works great on the lips! Wish they sold this separately too maybe in different colors.

Like the blush brush, I DO NOT see myself using this one, at home or while travelling I don't know, is it really neccessary to comb out your lashes? I don't know. A good mascara should do the job for you. As for eyebrows, maybe if they had an angled brush in this set, that would take care of  liner and brows and this one could have been replaced by a good eye brush or something!

All in all, I do love this brush set, the blush brush isn't that big a disappointment cuz I can just take it out and replace it with some other brushes. The case fits in my makeup bag so I like that and yes I think for the price of PKR 850 you're paying like only PKR100  for a brush and maybe PKR 150 for the case which is totally worth it. Get this set online at Luscious or in stores. I got mine at a discounted price from Stay Stylish!

-Compact case & lightweight.
-Sturdy brushes.
-No shedding as yet.
-Good size.
-Eye brushes are pretty good quality for the price you pay.

-Blush brush.
-Eyebrow brush/comb.

My Rating:

4/5: Loves it!
Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed :) Comment down below I'd love to hear from you and don't forget to follow my blog for more <3


  1. the pick lip brush looks cute! nice review Ayesha and I have just posted a little competition at my blog. In case you are interested here is the link

    1. Thanks Nida <3
      And thankyou for sharing I'll definitely check it out :)

  2. i think the best brush is the blender brush with white bristles even though its quite rough and the pink lip brush is great i dont like the thin ones for lips! nice review x

    1. I love the blending brush too! Wish they sold these separately haina! Thanks love <3

  3. I wish they sol the travel size lip brush seperately! its soo cute. Great review Ayesha!

    1. Same here! I would totally buy more because they're super cute! Thanks Sidrah <3

  4. im probably gonna purchase this in the near future from stay stylish :)

    1. You should if you are looking for good eye brushes! I think the blending brush and the round crease brush are awesome, I'd buy more IF they sold them separately!

  5. Love the review! And i think blending brush would be my fav. part along with the pink retractable lip brush. And totally agree about that brow brush.

  6. I love the way you do the rating! That is such a cool idea, and thanks for the review its great really useful :)



  7. Thanks for the awesome review Ayesha :) xx.
    I agree, it's a nice brush set for those starting out with makeup.

    1. I purchased this kit as a starter kit. but personally i never liked it :(

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

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