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Makeup Look: StyleSeeker Inspired.

Hello girls! Today I have a FOTD inspired by MAC's StyleSeeker collection which is all about rich earth tones inspired by Morroccan bazaars and ethnic flea markets, and ofcourse it is the perfect collection for fall with it's coppery, burnished red shades.

Image Source: MAC Cosmetics.

I do believe some of the products are still available online, though from what I've heard this collection is mainly either sold out in stores or either didn't have much stock in store anyways. Incase you're interested, check out the collection here

Now for those who either like me don't have access to MAC products or just don't want to invest in products to get the look for fall, it's actually not that hard to pull off a look that's similar. I am absolutely loving the red eyeshadow trend for fall, with just bitten cheeks and lips. It's a gorgeous trend and I don't see why anyone wouldn't try it! I say go for it! I rummaged through my products and managed to create a look inspired by the image from MAC's StyleSeeker collection and I bet so can you!

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Comment down below if you have something to say or if you want me to maybe do a tutorial for the eyes!!! :D Have fun!


  1. Gorgeous! Like a Moroccan spice bazaar, with its rich intense colors :D tutorial please! :D

  2. You are gorgeous! Love the look <3

  3. you've created the look beautifully! thumbs up!xx


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