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REVIEW: Rivaj UK Lipstick!

Hello ladies, today we have the Rivaj UK lipstick in Shade 24 in the spotlight!

 I bought this just randomnly a while ago, since after swatching this in store I thought, I don't own a shade like this one. I really don't. It's such a pretty deep coral shade, but I feel that it's not one of those corals that look make me look ugly. Corals can be really tricky on a skin tone like mine, they can either make me looked washed out and dull or just look too bright and retarded on me.

This one brightens up my face nicely hence I can say for sure that I have fallen in love with the color. It's nicely pigmented so there are no drawbacks there either. Unlike the previous Rivaj Lipsticks I reviewed, this one lasts longer and I feel it's much more comfortable a consistency on the lips. It's nice and creamy and for me this one lasts about 6 hours.

Won't ramble on about the packaging and stuff since it's the same as I reviewed before. Here's the lipstick swatched and on my lips!

Bottomline- I really really love this shade and I'm glad I picked this up, because it is discontinued now, however some select stores do still stock these or sell whatever stock they may have left. I'm now interested in comparing their new line of color fusion lipsticks to these ones and see if they are better or not. Let me know if you'd like to see a comparison! :)
-Price, got this for PKR 95, but the new ones I believe are just a couple 10 rupees extra or so.


My Rating:

4/5: LOVE! This ones a keeper!

Thanks for stopping by! Comment down below to let me know your opinions! Have a great day! <3 


  1. Bus kerdo Ayesha! You re feeding my lipstick addiction like no other! :P

    1. Hahaah! :) I'm sorryyy :P Can a girl have too many lip products??? :D

  2. highly pigmented.. looking so lavish on your lips <3

  3. I actually went in search of this lipstick today, too bad the shopkeeper stopped stocking them :(

  4. looks great on you.I keep buying these cuties ,so cheap and many colors to choose from.I buy it in 140 rupees.


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