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REVIEW: E.l.f Blush & Bronzing Duo!

Hello lovely followers! It's a sunny Saturday and I thought I'd leave you guys with this before heading out since a few of you requested my thoughts on this!

The E.l.f Studio line is talked about so much all over Youtube and the blogosphere, and starting from $3, this range is quite a bargain for make up lovers especially those new to make up!

The packaging is nice and sleek, not too bulky and not flimsy either. For the price, it's actually pretty good. In the hands, this compact feels nice to hold and not completely cheap as one would expect. I like the big mirror on inside which makes it even more travel friendly, however the matte black casing on the outside tends to catch a lot of scratches and can look a slight bit messy if you're not careful but you only notice these scratches on a closer look at the packaging.

Inside, there's the Blush and Bronzing duo in two separate pans, which has been compared to the NARS Orgasm and Laguna Duo not only in terms of how similar they are visually but also as to whether they are dupe-able or not.

Since I have never seen or tried the NARS duo in person, I cannot say whether these two are dupes or even similar, but I can say that I absolutely love the E.l.f Duo not because in my mind I think "Wow, I got the Orgasm/Laguna look for less" but because regardless of that point, this duo is awesome quality for the price! It's pigmented, not chalky and works for me really well!

I initially thought I'd love the blush more than the bronzer because from reviews online the bronzer had a bit of shimmer and it does! However, I love the bronzer absolutely, it may not be the darkest matte-est bronzer out there but it's the darkest one I own and I do like it a lot. Contrary to what I thought, I like the shimmer in this bronzer! It's that nice golden sheen kind of a shimmer, not noticeable specs of glitter all over your face. The wear time for both is considerably good on my skin even though I have combination to oily skin and this duo has 8gms meaning 4 gms for each of the shades.

The blush, on me actually shows up more chunky a shimmer/glitter than the bronzer half of this compact, which is why I don't completely love this blush. It would accentuate any imperfections on the cheeks, however you never know, I may end up loving it too someday.

The bronzer is perfect for the summer glow! Featured in my Summer Favorites 2012, this has been my go to product for glowing cheeks, even though it's slightly darker for me, I love it so much! Using a light hand I can use this for a sheer glow and build it up for some heavy contour.

This product may not be great for people with really oily skin, as it does give a sheen to the areas of the face where applied and for acne prone or skin that's suffers from acne scarring, this may not be the best product, HOWEVER, I'd like to mention here, I do have acne scars and I love this product so it all depends on what your prefer and how you use it. Remember what may work a certain way for me may not be the same for you! I got mine from We Makeup Blog!

- Pigmentation.
- Goes on smooth and blends nice n easy!
- Bronzer has a nice gold sheen.
- Compact and travel friendly.
- Good quantity.
- Large mirror on the inside.

DISLIKES:- Blush can be a bit too shimmery, that's just how I feel about it at the moment.
- Not available in Pakistan unless you order via someone. (E.l.f Pakistan website you broke our hearts by disappearing </3)

My Rating:

4/5: Loves it!

Hope this review helps those who asked me for my opinions on this one! If you have anymore questions, comment down below! Have a lovely Saturday! <3


  1. i was really dissapointed too when they dissappeared into thin air! lets see if i can get my hands on this from some online shops. the bronzer for this actually seems to be darker than the mua bronzed perfection!

    1. It is darker than most bronzers I have, this one I have to be careful with, but once you apply it right it's so nice, I wish they sold it separately! I can't wait to see your review for the bronzed perfection, I want it so bad but I want to see some Pakistani swatches (for reference of skin tones)! ;)

  2. Really nice review Ayesha. I am also going to give ELF a try since there are some people are are taking orders for ELF. xx

  3. helpful review. Im sure gonna grab this, tanks for the heads up about the blush.

    and hey! don/t forget to check my blog, do follow if ya like it. :)

  4. I know what you mean, i was looking forward to ELF and poof they disappeared!

    I have used this duo and i wasn't so impressed with the blush, it just wasn't showing up on my cheeks :/

    1. Oh really? :o Acha I have no problems with it showing on my skin I just don't like the shimmer and glitter :P

  5. such a great review Ayesha! I have oily skin so its a no no for me.

  6. I own this but I really don’t get it out and use it as much as I should and I really want to now! Great review. I’m a new follower. Found you via a blog hop :-)

    1. Thanks Discovering beauty! I know what you mean, this sat in my drawer for the longest time I barely touched it at all last year, so I'm hoping maybe next I will start liking the blush too! :)

  7. This is the only blush/bronzer my mum owns. she loves it! :)

  8. the powder looks kinda chalky in the swatch:/ but the bronzer seems great, i wonder if it's the same shade as the sleek contour kit in medium with is my darkest and most used bronzer! thanks for the review!!:) x


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