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REVIEW: E.l.f $1 Eyelid Primer

Hello ladiesss! Primer for a DOLLAR you say? Hmm, does it really even work? Let's find out!

 If there's one product from the e.l.f dollar line that has been raved and worshipped all over the blogosphere and vlogosphere, the e.l.f Eyelid Primer would pretty much be it! I got mine in the shade Sheer, which is the regular one, but they have three others I believe, including a gold and  a champagne one.

The primer comes with a doe foot applicator, but that doesn't neccessarily mean perfect application. Always remember to BLEND this out. Either apply it on the back of your hand or the eyelid and blend out with your ring finger. I really LOVE the smooth matte base this primer gives the eyelids. It's slightly tinted so you can use this just as a base instead of a fleshtone shadow and even if you do apply eyeshadows over this primer, they apply nice and smooth. You only need a tiny bit and it goes a long way. Makes the eyeshadows look better, smoother and last a long time for me. I'd say it doesn't drastically change or boost the pigmentation of any eyeshadow compared to other primers but it does make a noticeable difference which personally for me, is awesome enough for the price of a dollar.

Here's a swatch of the matte purple from my MUA palette with and without the primer.

So will I be repurchasing this? I already have a backup one! ;)

- Price.
- Does the same job as a high end primer.
- Good quantity.
- Doesn't dry out in the tube.


- Not available in Pakistan.

My Rating:

5/5: Makes mt feel like a diva!

Thanks for reading! Comment down below to make my day! :) Have a great one yourself! Happy Saturday!


  1. I so want this! Ive had my eye on it too. Great review Ayesha

  2. I'm looking for this eye primer for the long time donno what happened with elf pakistan. Anyway nice review love the pic quality :)

    1. Thanks Sadee :) Yeah I wish elf pakistan would come back! :( I loveee elf!

  3. OMG, really? I don't believe this review. Need.it.in.my.life. xx

    1. I LOVE this primer! I already got a backup! ;)

  4. Yeah mirab its really nice i saw some blogger were comparing it with urban decay's eye primer

  5. ELF stuff are pretty good for the price, but too bad they're not available in Pakistan :(

  6. I want this so bad but its not available in Australia either! :( Xx

  7. i m dying to grab this beauty , wish me luck ... great review :)


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