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Review: E.l.f Eye Quad Drama

I don't know what it is, but something about e.l.f just keeps bringing me back to it. Apart from being such an affordable brand I feel e.l.f is just really really good and there's is just something about it that's special to me but I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe it's the fact that some of my favourite beauty gurus love e.l.f products, and maybe the fact that e.l.f was the first makeup brand I started off experimenting with makes it a bit special to me. Today we have the Eye Brightening Quad in Drama under the spotlight.

For a dollar, you really can't go wrong with this little one. It's a decent amount of eyeshadow and should last anyone quite a while. The packaging isn't the worst, but obviously not the best either, for a dollar you can't complain because it holds the shadows in place, hasn't broken on me yet! (I've had expensive eyeshadows break on me and this one hasn't yet).

The four shades in this quad include a matte white, a shimmery silver, a glittery grey gunmetl shade and a matte black.


All four shades have decent pigmentation but the gunmetal is an exception. WOAH MY GOD, it is a gorgeous gorgeous shade! I'd buy this quad again if I ran out JUST for the gunmetal grey. It has got the nicest chunks of glitter, one swatch and you will be blown away! I know I was.

The matte white is nicely pigmented too which may be surprising for just a dollar, and it's not chalky at all, the silver is easy to work with as well but has some fall out.

The gunmetal grey, like the silver, has some fall out as well so you've got to be a bit careful with that.
Tha matte black may not be the blackest black out there but is pretty good for beginners.

If you happen to be just starting out with makeup this is a great buy, and even if you aren't I still recommend this especially if you like grey eyeshadows. For a dollar you really cannot go wrong with this, unless you are a pro MUA, in which case you may not need it.

I've used this with and without a primer, works great either way but I'd still recommend using a primer just to make the shadows stick and last as long as you like.

- Pigmentation.
- Price.
- Applies nicely and lasts long.
- Not chalky.

- Availability, if only e.l.f had a store here or was available in Pakistani stores, I know I would go crazy for sure!

My Rating:
4/5: Loves it! This ones a keeper!

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  1. Nice review Ayesha. It has beautiful shades and pigmentation looks really nice. I also have the availability issue over here and to be honest, I never heard a positive review about these before. But now I got to try it. =) Thank you!! xx

  2. ive always wanted to try a few of these! for a dollar you cant really go wrong and the website has soo many options its actually over whelming haha

  3. Elf is such an affordable brand! I've heard so much about it, their products are either a hit or a miss product..but for the price, it really doesn't matter ;)

  4. I agree, Elf products are either a hit or a miss.... I have had my share of hits and misses:)


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