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REVIEW + Fall picks: Sensual Amber.

Hey girls! Todays' pick for fall is a body lotion from Bath & Body Works, from their Signature Collection line- Sensual Amber.

What B&BW says about this product:

 Our exclusive Signature Body Lotion formula, fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea Butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vitamin E, hydrates skin with moisture that lasts all day. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished, making it the perfect daily moisturizer.
  • Our exclusive, seductive Sensual Amber fragrance is an exotic scent of pink lotus petals enveloped in golden amber
  • Key fragrance notes: Lotus Petals, Amber, Succulent Plum, Creamy Sandalwood

My thoughts:

I absolutely LOVE it! I was unsure of whether I'd like this scent or not since I am a bit picky with fragrances and also because I feel not every scent/lotion works the same on everyone's skin. On mine, this works and LASTS which is also important for a scented product to do. I'm guessing layering this with the shower gel and body mist may even pro long the longevity of  the fragrance but I love how long this scent lasts on me.

The scent is a warm, inviting one to me, perfect for fall and winter. Definitely smells good and you can smell the amber and sandalwood with a hint of a floral note which I'm guessing is the pink lotus. It may smell a bit strong at first but it tones down on my skin and doesn't feel very overpowering.

As far as moisturizing is concerned, it's not the best moisturizer for drier skin types but from my combination to oily skin, this works quite well and I like it all the more for being a light moisturizer because I find heavier ones usually feel greasy to me. The B&BW body creams feel that way to me but I like those better for moisturizing the arms and legs, this formula, I really do prefer for the hands and neck area.

I ordered mine from Dubai through a friend while these travel sized ones were on sale for exactly PKR 154 each. Such a steal because I've used this quite a lot and so have my friends since it's always in my bag ever since I got these and I'm still nowhere near even half the bottle, so the 3 fl oz which normally costs $5 (or less on sale) is going to last me quite a while I'm assuming. And yes, I'd totally repurchase this one!

Who might like it:
- People into warm, musky scents.
- People who like light moisturizers.

Who might not like it:
-People who want some heavy moisturization.
-People who might find the amber and musk scent repulsive.
-People who don't like heavy scents might find this a bit over powering especially right after application.

My Rating:
4/5: LOVE! This one's a keeper!

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any fall picks for body lotion or fragrance products? Let me know your recommendations! Have a great day!


  1. I am a sucker for warm scents in winters,, I guess I'll give this one a try. Nice review.

    On a side note; I love ur photography, adds that extra zing to ur blog. Don't mean to spam but I'd like u to visit my blog.. don't forget to follow if u like what u see.. :)

  2. oh i have warm vanilla sugar and i love that! i agree, these little things are very nifty, they last you ages even though it doesn't seem so at first :)

    1. I have the WVS body mist! Love it and it has lasted me more than a year now, still only managed to finish half of the travel sized bottle!

  3. Oooh seems super interesting. B&BW's is available at Alfatah though. :) I hope they have this one, I'll surely take a sniff!

    1. Yeah but the prices compared to the actual ones are outrageous haha, plus they barely ever stock up the travel sized stuff, I wish they did! :)

  4. Gotta love B&BWs!!! I really wanna try this out, though I love their vanilla scents. I wish it was easily available here! I hate buying without trying out scents

    1. I know same here, which is why I barely ever go for their newer scents because you never know but I go into Esajees (they stock B&BWs latest stuff but the prices are ridiculous) and smell them to get an idea before ordering.


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