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REVIEW: VS PINK Fresh & Clean Mist!

Nothing says summer like a much needed whiff of fresh scent! The VS PINK Fresh & Clean Mist is exactly that!

Starting off with the packaging, I love the bottle and it's definitely chunkier than what I'd imagined it to be! You get a good 8.4fl.oz with this bottle for the price of $12-15 depending on where you buy it and there's also travel size and mini sets available for this scent. The cap comes off easy, nothing too fidgety there and the spray nozzle works perfectly!

The fragrance is really what it says and nothing else- fresh and clean. I have to be honest, it wasn't love at first sniff for me with this one because it smelled too fruity and cologne-ish to me in the beginning. I almost put it at the farthest corner of my dresser top lol but I gave it a go again and I actually started to like it. The strong citrusy notes die down soon after and leave behind a nice soft fragrance of fresh linen and something slightly floral but not too much. Freshly done laundry is what it reminds me of in a very good, comforting way. I really like how long this scent lasts despite being a very muted, soft scent which I'd expect to fade away quickly in this heat.

If you're into soft, clean fragrances, this might be the one for you. It's a great scent to wear as an everyday summer fragrance-nothing too OTT and just slightly feminine, nice and clean. If you prefer heavier scents or extremely floral notes are your thing, I'd suggest you pass on this one.

My Rating:
3/5: Hmmm! Maybe baby!

Thanks for stopping by! You can place orders for this VS fragrance and more at NadeaZ on Facebook! Have a great day! <3


  1. I have yet to try any of these.. Love the super fun packaging.. How pretty would a few bittles look all lined up lol

    1. Lol! Yes I agree! I'd like to grab a few mini's once I'm done with this one!

  2. I love fresh light scents.They make me feel so feminine.i always wanted to know about this one.great shots as always.xoxo.

  3. I love fresh scents.. This looks SO tempting! <3

  4. Sounds so summery and yummy! Must try VS scents soon :) xx

  5. VS scents are amazing, especially this one. It's SO clean and fresh. Makes me want to smell it again and again. I have with shimmer in it. xx


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