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REVIEW: Wet n Wild 24 Carrot Gold!

 Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate it than with a fresh pop of color! Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 24 Carrot Gold does just that!

 The shade obviously looks a very summery color, and while the name might suggest that it's a full on ORANGE or gold, it's not. 24 Carrot Gold is an outrageously pigmented peachy orange, if you pack on too much it may even look almost neon against Asian skin tones. On me the shade looks best worn in a single layer and do I even need to mention the lasting SUPER powers of these? This shade wears just as well as the darker shades but fades away leaving a light stain behind after 5 hours. I find that somehow this shade has a teeny bit of a creamier/satin finish to it than the rest of my Wet n Wild lipsticks but I do love it nonetheless!

I've done a detailed review on WnW lipsticks before so this post shall be short and sweet :)

In comparison to the MUA lipstick in Nectar, they are similar colors but not quite the same, 24 Carrot Gold is much more pigmented and is obviously a matte finish, but still has a slight creamy feel to it. Nectar is definitely much more sheer and glossy so if you're into those I'd recommend grabbing that one instead. If you want pigment packed lips that stay on long, I'd suggest the WnW!

Swatched on my lips!

All in all, this is a very pretty summery shade and I do see myself reaching out for this and perhaps even topping it off with a gloss for that extra summer punch but it may be a difficult shade for some to wear. I like to tone down the color slightly because too much looks neon against my yellow/olive skin. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks are available at Beauty Joint for a price of $2.75. People in the US can check out their local Walmart and Pathmark for these at even lower prices.

-Wear time.


My Rating:

4/5: I do love this one! One mark off because I may not
 repurchase it (but it should probably last me forever)

Thanks for stopping by! Have you tried Wet n Wild lipsticks yet? Which one's your absolute must have! Do let me know in the comments down below!!!


  1. Looks super pretty on your lips! How I wish to grab all shades of these lipsticks after reading your reviews. :) xx

  2. i love the color on you... i a true peachy orange color

  3. ahhhhh! stop feeding the WnW addiction! :D It s such a pretty color! I recently got Nectar and I love it! :D

  4. Wow! I really liked this shade and it looks lovely on you. I feel like I am into orange and gold right now :p xx

  5. It doesn't seem to look neon in your pic, loooks like a nice coral shade. and looks good:) xx

  6. This is like the perfect summer shade, coral; I love!

  7. This is such a gorgeous shade. No matter what, I can't have enough of Pinks, Red and Corals :D xx

  8. such a gorgeous shade n looks great on you :)

  9. Ahhh still havent gotten a hold of these! Love the comparison :)

  10. the shade is so pretty! I adore corals!
    hareem x

  11. this one is such a cute color.I love the name and the way they spell "carrot".love the swatch and comparison.Looking good on u :)

  12. 24 Carrot Gold looks very orange on me, not a color I normally wear but I love it! Can't be spending $$$ for something I'd wear just occasionally.

    Here's a detailed review:


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