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REVIEW: W7 The Bronzer!

A lot of people don't seem to understand what my fascination with bronzers is all about. Let me get to that part in a bit when I review The Bronzer by W7 in detail!

Starting off, the packaging is gorgeous isn't it! The gold enhances the look of the already not quite cheap looking plastic and the case is surprisingly sturdy! I do dislike the fact that it comes without a mirror since a bronzer is a bronzer is bronzer. Lol. No shades mean you don't really need to see the color through wherever you stack your powder compacts. Anyways, no big issue there, not everyone likes a big mirror in every compact like crazy ol' me! However, the gold might scratch off with wear overtime I'm afraid. It looks good at the moment, but not as good as new and I fear that if I throw it in my bag everyday it might fade off eventually!

The bronzer might be a bit too orange for pale, pink undertoned skin so I don't recommend this to all those ladies out there. However, it works quite nicely on my yellow-olive undertones. I use this bronzer for an all over bronzed look and that is what I LOVE about bronzers in general. I love the color it adds to you skin after foundation washes out all of your natural goodness. It sort of helps get that sunkissed look without being all shimmery and sparkly since it's a matte finish powder. I use this particular bronzer as a blush too at times pairing it with a darker bronzer and it looks quite nice. Yes, bronzers will make you look tanned. That is the point. Some people tell me I'm crazy to want to be tanned and not as fair as I can possibly look? I say they're crazy. Well not entirely, but my bronzer obsession is justified because I like how it looks on me and I say you can look like whatever you prefer, it's a free world!!!

Anyways, enough ranting. This bronzer blends nicely and isn't chalky or powdery at all. I swirl my brush in the pan and it picks up just the right amount, not too little and not too much and there is ZERO fallout which is a first for me as far as the bronzers I have tried are concerned. A single application is all I need with this bronzer. Any more makes me look orange too but not muddy like some bronzers. The lasting power is also impressive indeed. On me it stays put for a good 5 hours if I don't constantly touch my face. With a makeup fixative spray, it lasts all day long for me.

Sorry for the blurry swatch, but the left side is a single swipe of the bronzer and on the right it is swatched slightly built up! I'm also wearing it in this post!

As far as the product is concerned, I am extremely happy with it. It performs well and lasts long enough for my liking but I won't be repurchasing it since it should last me a very long time. Select W7 products can be found at Enem Store and Rahat in Lahore. For folks abroad W7 products might be found in local UK drugstores or online. I do not recommend buying from a specific online store in Pakistan that sells it because I am personally boycotting it since they sell counterfeit high end brands. Some of you may already know of this certain store but if you don't log on to my Facebook page to find out!

-Smooth application
-No fall out
-Lasts long
-Comes with a price tag of 2-3 pounds in the UK

-Not available everywhere
-Packaging will get scratchy and might fade over time.

My Rating:
4/5: LOVE! This ones a keeper

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  1. Just when i was thinking of giving w7 products a go.. Is there any other page that sells them? Great review btw.. I always feel like youre talking to me one in one when i read your reviews.. Whicih is a good thing haha :)

  2. making me tempted to have one:) :p and is there any need to praise photography...I like the shiney pink bachdrop u chose for this brown lady:)

  3. Cant buy this as I am boycotting too! *sniff* and my sis loves bronzers too. Pffft looking dark? no way! bronzers be awesome :D

  4. This seems like a perfect bronzer for everyday! Nice pick :) xx

  5. love bronzers! this one seems nice, do a comparison post with the MUA Bronzed perfection pls:) x

  6. Can i know Which is this RAHAT Store ???

  7. I am currently testing this out and so far its great!
    hareem x

  8. your pictures are so perfect

  9. Lovely pick Ayesha <3 Im having W7 Lash Blast Mascara and Kohl Pencil, so far love them ... Thanks for sharin doll <3

  10. Nice post, how much did it cost in PKR?

  11. such a perfect bronzer huh
    thanx for sharing :)

  12. can you guide about some non shimmery peachy lipstick nd blush
    lv yur photography

  13. i love bronzers too but the fairness craze all around me makes me stick to it for night time only.and for selective areas.I love your review on this one.Its so great to see that there is a Pakistani girl who is proud of her Asian skin and has a healthy love for bronzers too.xoxoxo

  14. Amazing bronzer... am brozer lover <3

  15. Such a good price, I really need to check this out

    A little bit Unique



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