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REVIEW: Medora Glossy Lipsticks!

Quite a lot of lip posts lately, I hope you guys aren't too weary of these! As much as I like mixing in a few other posts I cannot help but come back to lip products because I absolutely love trying out lipsticks and all! Today, let's have a look at Medora Pakistan's Glossy Lipsticks!

Medora is an extremely bugdet friendly, Pakistani brand of cosmetics! They do foundations, nail colors, lipsticks to name a few, and while most of their products are hard to come across, you will find a large selection of their nail lacquers and lipsticks in some select stores so it's no surprise that their lipcolors and nail products are the only much hyped products. Today we're looking at three shades from their line of "Glossy" lipsticks. They have about 10-15 colors in this range as far as I've come across but their "Matte" lipstick line has quite a huge range of colors, finishes and textures.

The glossy ones, retailing from PKR 135 onwards are pretty much all the same as far as the finish is concerned. They're creamy enough to glide onto the lips with ease, but still tacky enough to stay long enough and last through eating as well. These fade evenly away after 5-6 hours on me!

Shade 82 is a medium warm pink. This one is the least glossy of all and is opaque in a single swipe.
Shade 22 is a creamy yellow toned red. It's super glossy. Hello perfect vintage red lips! Super opaque!
Shade 28 is a deep cranberry red. Not very glossy but not matte either! Oxblood lips? Yess!

Here's how all three look on me! These go on smooth enough but you might want to exfoliate your lips prior application! My favorite is Shade 28, which I love for the winters! I usually apply it by blotting the tube on the lips and slowly building up the color to my desired intensity. It's also featured in this post where you can see how well it lasts as the photos were taken around midday!

As far as the cons are concerned, the packaging is nothing special. These have a makeup-y scent to them which I personally do not like but it's not extremely bothersome. Once you apply, you can most definitely feel like you have something on your lips, so not the most comfortable lipsticks out there. I also wish there were more shades other than the conventional pinks, reds and browns in this range.

Overall, these are great if you're looking for a good lipstick within a very tight budget! People n Lahore can find these at Al-fatah!

-Budget friendly.

-Lack of color variety.

My Rating:
3/5: Good buy! Doesn't disappoint!

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  1. OOOH! You might just have convinced me to give these a go :D how SEXY is that cranberry red?

  2. where from?? shade 28 is gaawjus!!!

  3. need to find the glossy ones in my local store now

  4. Shade 82 looks lovely on you Ayesha! Medora lipsticks are great for the price! xx

  5. Wow, I love medora lipsticks, never thought they had a glossy range as well, love the shades you picked out <3

  6. WOW! those are some really hot shades that you have picked. Love 'em all! ^_^

  7. I will look for #82 lovely shades thanks for reviewing affordable lipsticks as well:)

  8. You make even Medora look hot :P Loving all your swatches SO MUCH. xx

  9. I loved all the shades on you. Medora is no doubt a really budget friendly brand. I love their nail polishes too. :)

  10. 22 matches Colour Studio Jet Setter, I guess!
    Rougeberry Fashion

  11. I also big fan of Medora, cuze of their staying power, am having 82 n 22 both but they looks great on ur lips :)

  12. lovely blog <3
    i like you blog!
    follow me? :)
    and I follow you back..


  13. I always loved medora lipstick every time I visit Pakistan I stock up. Never saw these before any tips where to get it in Karachi, as am planning to go to pakistan

  14. Soo pretty... Ive been loving their matte lipstick in Eletric Pink lately...its gorgeous!

  15. my fave is 22.the shade 28 looks smokin hot on you.looking lovely.my mom uses all three and would take nothing else .great review.xoxo

  16. Medora lipsticks are good for their price. Nice review!

  17. Loving the cranberry.
    Now I wanna go and shop again!! *sigh*

  18. I had no idea Medora has glossy ones too. I have to write a lot of things before I hit the supermarket next. All the shades are very pretty. 82 looks like a wearable everyday color. Definitely picking 82 x

  19. Oh Medora has glossy lippys?! Didnt know that and they look really good, especially shade 82!:)

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  22. I have used so many Medora lipsticks that now I'm tired of it but the colors are great.Nice post!
    I'm following you so would you please follow me back


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  24. I nominated you for Versatile Blogger award

  25. i miss your blog posts....when are you coming back? :)

  26. Where can i find these glossy ones :/ all the shops have matte...Please tell me from where can i get medora glossy shades in lahore, cavalry ground to be precise.

  27. Medora of London's lipsticks are made in Pakistan. Violet 212
    Gypsy red 253, Berry 218, Hint of Pink 210, Sugar Candy 215 and Swat are only available in Pakistan's drug stores or shops that carry makeup products. Medora of London's products are not available on local market place. I would recommend our friends and relatives for sure buy beauty products in Pakistan
    from online shopping store. Because I'm purchased from shopping website and received the product within a one week. I personally love these lipsticks, I have thin lips and most of the lipsticks have a creamy/sheen finish and I feel that they don't last too long on my lips or just bleed out.

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