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REVIEW: Sleek MakeUP Showstoppers Palette.

With the shaadi season in full swing, you need a bit of extra sparkle to emphasize your eye makeup. Does the Limited Edition Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Showstoppers Palette have what it takes to make your eyes the showstopper of the night? Let's find out!

Let's begin by looking at the packaging. Although I LOVE the slightly shocking graphic on the cardboard, I am actually not a fan of the new packaging at all! You'd think same 'sleek' black palette with giant mirror, but no, it really isn't the same, it's really a fuss to open and you cannot open the palette without worrying about chipping your nails. I'm hoping that it loosens up with use but it hasn't done so as yet.

Despite the unimpressive mislabeling on the laminate, the shades are definitely standout stunners in my opinion! They've definitely picked out the star shades from their previous palettes and put them all together in one and they still make sense and work well together. 

There's a matte flesh tone shade from the Paraguaya palette, a shimmery pomegranate from the Sunset palette, the shimmery white shade is from the Bad Girl palette, despite what the label says, and the next shade in line, a gorgeous shimmery warm green is actually from the Me, Myself and Eye palette. They've mixed up the gunmetal shade from the Graphite palette too, and Noir, a matte black found in many Sleek i-Divines. The next shade is a matte medium grey from the Ultra Mattes V2, followed by two more mattes, a salmon color from the Oh So Special and a Navy from the Bohemian palette. Next up is a lovely metallic champagne from the Storm palette after which is the most gorgeous matte jewel toned purple with tiny glitters from the Sparkle palette. The last shade is a shimmery brown from the Au Natural palette.

I own two other Sleek i-Divines, and I was super impressed with their pigmentation until I got this palette. I'm not dissappointed, but this palette fails to live up to the expectations one has from Sleek eyeshadows as far as the matte shades are concerned. The shades Noir, Ultra Matte V2 and Bohemian are especially poorly pigmented and need a primer for sure. However, I've noticed that it takes a little bit of use out of them for them to get better, you have to sort of break in to them if that makes any sense, perhaps they are pressed too hard? Maybe I got a bad one because some swatches online are beautiful and intensely pigmented but regardless, a good eyeshadow should not have to be "broken into" to work beautifully. The satins and shimmers are as always top quality but then that is the case with most brands so it's not a huge surprise.

L-R: Paraguay, Sunset and Badgirl.

R-L: Me, Myself and Eye, Graphite and Noir.

R-L: Ultra Mattes V2, Oh So Special, and Bohemian.

R-L: Storm, Sparkle and Au Natural.

To sum it up, this is probably my first purchase from Sleek that has left me slightly disappointed. I have two more Noir shades, so I barely reach for the one in here but it is totally not cool that it has one and it is useless even if I did decide to use it. I was especially looking forward to the matte Navy from the Bohemian palette, so yeah, that pretty much sucks.

Oh the bright side, the rest of the shades are pretty kick ass! My favorites have to be, the gorgeous green and the matte purple with glitters and the Storm champagne is an all time favorite highlight of mine! Absolutely in love with them all and they are most certainly perfect for the wedding season with a good mix of shimmery, satin and matte shades!

With a primer underneath, I haven't experienced any trouble with the lesser pigmented lot, and if you are looking for a versatile palette, I'd definitely recommend this. If you are a matte eyeshadow lover you may be a bit disappointed. If you have tried this out and your mattes work perfectly fine let me know! You can find Sleek palettes on Beauty Hub for PKR 1350.

- Shimmery shades superbly pigmented.
- Beautifully versatile colors.
- Shadows last long enough.
- Sturdy packaging.
- Reasonably priced.


- Stiff closure on the packaging.
- Matte shades are disappointing.
- Printing glitches- so not impressive!

My Rating:
3/5: Maybe Baby!


  1. i am confuse after your review.... thanks for honest review

  2. thanks for the detailed and honest review, and also for letting us know about another makeup-shopping site (i previously didnt know about beautyhub). :)

    Sadia Malik's Blog

  3. Thanks for an honest review, do share which primer you use /??

  4. I'm sad you were slightly disappointed but the pigmentation on most shades looks so amazing! x

  5. I agree on the matte shadows, you have to work with them a bit. still the colors are soo pretty

  6. Pretty colours, the pigmentation looks good too. Great pictures x

  7. Beautiful shades, love the way you photographed them

  8. I quite like the colours in this but not impressed with the new packaging.
    Although most looks super duper pigmented! xx

  9. Your photography is stunning!
    ahhh it's a shame about the matte shades :(
    The brighter ones look gorgeous though *_*
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  10. love the look of your blog Ayesha <3

  11. I have it and is good for party make up :)

  12. lovely photography and lovely swatches.After watching the swatches I wanted to buy but after the review I think i can pass it.thanks for sharing.xoxo


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