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REVIEW: MAC Girl About Town

Hello ladies! Nothing like a good lipstick to brighten up the day, is it? Girl About Town by MAC does exactly that and more.

Hardly an unknown shade, Girl About Town is a bright blue based pink with an amplified finish which is often described as a pigmented packed formula with the comfort of a creamy formula. Sounds like a winner to me! 

A must-have for any fuschia/bright pink lovers like myself, this lipstick is super comfortable to wear and wears superb until the 6 hour mark before fading to a gorgeous even stain. I wore this to work, (yes I wear my brights to work) and it lasted so beautifully even after a meal of french fries and some frozen yogurt that I skipped my usual post-lunch touch up! I'd say it easily is one of the longest lasting lipsticks I own even though the creamy layer of sheen may transfer a bit and fade, the color is pretty much there. It doesn't particularly feel moisturizing, but it is indeed one of the most comfortable lip colors to wear I've come across because the opaque formula doesn't leave you wanting to swipe over and over so you only need a little bit. 

The coverage for this lipstick is definitely no joke my friends, it is INTENSE. Below is a single swipe swatch.

To compare Girl About Town with a few similar shades from my collection, Medora's Full Fuschia is a very close dupe except that it is matte. Luscious Signature Lipstick in Raspberry is also similar but ever so slightly warmer and a touch duller. Wet n Wild's Cherry Picking is way too warm to be a dupe while Revlon's Lovesick has similar bright blue based fuschia undertones but is too glossy and has the tiniest possible bit of sparkles in it.

All in all, this lipstick ticks all the boxes for me, and ofcourse, there is that undeniably lovely signature vanilla scent of a MAC lipstick that makes this the perfect lipstick for a "girl about town".

-Lasting power.
-Sturdy packaging.

-Not easily available all over Pakistan.

My Rating:

5/5: A must-have! Sure shot repurchase if I ever run out!

You can however, order this MAC lipstick and much more, via MAC Addict on Facebook if you live in Pakistan. They have the best prices! If you really want to splurge, you could shop at Alfatah or any other re-sellers of MAC in Pakistan. 


  1. wow Ayesha love your blog's new look! and you look S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G in the profile pic! (or whatever it is called in the blog-lingo :P). Keep posting a lil more often as it is ALWAYS great to read and view your posts. a visual treat I must say... :)

    and ofcourse, MAC Lipsticks are love. :)

    1. Thankyou SOO much Sadia! It means a lot! <3 I will try to post more often Insha Allah! Take care xo

  2. I have it & love it intensely too <3 You rock that Pic on the side bar :)

    1. Thankyou so much Areej! I knoww! Some intense love indeed! <3

  3. Aaaa I love the new layout on your blog, wish I was tech savvy enough to do something to my own space lol! Luscious Raspberry is so similar to Girl About Townnn :O

    1. Aaaah! Thankyou Marib! <3 <3 <3 If you need any help at all, you only need ask! :) I know it's really similar I love both! :)

  4. It looks exactly the same as the Luscious one. Good to see you posting again :)

    ✿Amna's Blog✿

  5. Aaaah! The new layout is GORGE! Love it!!!

    I got Girl About Town as a birthday present, I just adore it. And you are right about it's staining powers, love that it can do that and it still looks like you have the lipstick on.

  6. Girl about town is a pretty pink, it was love at first sight until I met Impassioned :D Looks really pretty on you.
    P.S. LOVEEE the picture on the side bar x

  7. I was SO busy looking at the side picture, I forgot to see the layout. So pretty and girly. How did you do? I'm so bad when it comes to layout and re-designing :x

  8. lovely new layout Ayesha, a job well done!! and this color looks gorgy on you! :) xx

  9. WOW! love the new layout.

    The lip shade is definitely a must-have. :) x

  10. The shade looks like a bomb on you! <3
    And LOVE the all the visuals, gah!

  11. You are a fuchsia girl :)
    LOVE LVOE your new layout...

    and welcome back. you were missed :)

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  12. LOVEEEEE youre new layouttt! Soo super chic!

  13. Gorgeous color.looks great on you.By the way,don't you think Luscious raspberry can be a good dupe for this one.


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