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PBBC Secret Swap!

I can't believe I never posted this! Earlier this year, hahah, MUCH earlier this year, the Pakistan Beauty Bloggers Community had their first ever beauty swap and I can't believe I never posted it on my blog!

Now let's for a second imagine a dull, dreary Monday morning. Blah. Now let's imagine how bright and shiny the day suddenly became when my baby brother handed me a little package. Sunshine descending through my window, I don't think I've ever woken up so excited in a long long time. It was like the feeling you get as a child, waking up on a birthday morning! :)

As soon as I literally tore the tcs box to shreds, and saw the cute makeup bag I just fell in love a little. Honestly, I've never had a such a huge smile on my face opening a package and when I opened the bag I was definite that Sarah from Glossicious Beaute & Makeup Blog was the one who sent me all this gorgeous stuff! <3 The Smashbox primer and the little samples gave you away Sarah! :)

Anyways, this has to be by far the sweetest presents I've ever gotten and what makes it all the more special is the fact that this was very first of a lot of firsts haha. Obviously the swap itself was a first, and also my first NYX blush, first Orly, first SMASHBOX omggg I literally screamed to see Smashbox in there I was like HOLY MOLY, I was honestly speechless. And though this was a longgggg time ago and I totally forgot to post this because these pictures were lost on my old hard drive and I could only recover this one but it was genuinely the sweetest gift ever! Thankyou Sarah! You're one of the sweetest, most generous not to mention genuine beauty bloggers I have ever come across and yeah it's been months so apologies for that!

I'll be posting reviews of all of these goodies soon! Thankyou for dropping by! Have a great day!


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