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2013 Superstars!

I'm back with my favorites of the past year 2013! I'm probably one of the last people to do this post but it's better late than never, right? Let's get right into it!

2013 has been a crazy year for me. With its share of good and bad things it brought lots of makeup that I've grown to absolutely LOVE! Looking back I realise I successfully ticked off most of the items on my wishlists in this year and there have been only a select few misses, so I have to say it's been a great year beauty wise!

Lets start off with face products!

The Revlon Colorstay ($11-12) has been my most loved foundation without a doubt! I like to keep it for special occasions, when I want flawless looking skin because this covers so SO well. It also lasts incredibly long and won't transfer throughout the day or fade.

I've also been loving the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous ($10-12) foundation. It covers well. Lasts nicely and has a nice healthy satin matte finish.

If I want more coverage or if there's a nasty zit I need concealed, the Hard Candy Glamoflauge ($6) has been my partner in crime for the job. A little goes a long way.

I finally got to try the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ($10 and up) this year and can I just say I'm in love? This is a phenomenal product and as you can tell I've still got a lot to go before this tiny tube finishes after which I won't think twice about purchasing a bigger size! Thankyou Sarah for sending me this in the PBBC swap!

The Rimmel Stay Matte ($5-6/PKR 750) powder in Translucent has clearly been well loved although I don't use it all the time it's an essential for me in summers or to set my concealer.

My love for highlighters has no end but I've definitely stopped looking around for more (atleast for now) when I met the Mary-Loumanizer by theBalm ($24)! It's the perfect buttery soft white gold luminizer if you want a noticeable highlight. The perfect time to buy this is definitely when it's on sale! theBalm has awesome sales and I got mine 50% off last year but I'd pay totally $24 for how awesome this highlighter is!

I've also tried many bronzers this year, but I just keep coming back to the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny ($3). It's crazy I haven't hit pan on it yet because I probably use this more than my setting powder!

I had way to many blush favorites this year, so I narrowed them down to most used and the three I have constantly been using throughout 2013 are theBalm's Frat Boy ($21) - a gorgeous coral, Peach Melba by Natural Collection ($3 approx) - a pretty subtle peach and  a nude shade, Sleek MakeUP's Suede ($6.99) blush!

Next up are my favorite face brushes!

Sigma F60 - (priced $18 and up individually) I never thought I'd love a flat foundation brush. I figured this brush would probably be my least used brush out of the Make Me Blush Kit and now I love it so much it's probably my all time favorite! I'm even considering getting a spare one. This brush is AMAZING! Check out the enitre kit here or get an individual F60!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush- (priced $8-9)When I still want medium to full coverage but need something that does the job fast, this is the brush I reach for. I also use it to buff out foundation in areas I don't need that much coverage once I'm done with my Sigma F60. 

E.l.f Powder Brush- (priced $3/PKR650) This was a favorite in 2012. None of the higher priced competitors stopped it from making into my list of superstars this time either. It's super soft and blends foundation so easily. Once I start buffing this onto my face, I never wanna stop. My mom loves it too because it's so soft and easy to use and I'm definitely getting her one this year!

Real Techniques Blush Brush - (priced $9-10) Why is it so hard to say BLUSH BRUSH sometimes! This brush is a little beauty. I use it for contouring or bronzing or setting my makeup or just what it's supposed to do, apply blush! Oh, and these are SUPER easy to wash and dry!

Sigma F40- (priced $19 and up individually) This brush is an absolute essential for applying blush. It's the perfect size for me, most angled contour brushes can be huge for my face. This is just right and it blends any powders flawlessly! Buy your individual F40 here.

For eye brushes I have a few I really love the following and reach for these the most!

Sigma E40- ($14 here) My God this is soft! It's a bit bigger than I'd like but perfectly fluffy but it diffuses shadow most beautifully and its also good for softly highlighting the cheekbones! I'm really interested in the E36 brush now for even more precise blending.

E.l.f Eyeshadow "C" brush- ($3) Love this for packing on color to my eyelids! It's big so it works fast at placing color all over. I wouldn't recommend this brush to anyone with small lid space or for detailed work.

Sigma E05- ($12 individual) I have two of these now and it's a good thing Sigma Beauty gives these away for free with your orders because man do I love it! It's perfect for precise gel eyelining and for waterline work too! (You get a free travel size Sigma E25 brush with your Sigma orders throughout January!)

Small Angled brush from theBalm- This comes with the Nude 'Tude palette and it has become an essential for me this tiny devil! I love it for my brows! Can't stop loving it!

Sleek MakeUP Au Natural Palette- ($12) I thought the Sleek Storm was my favorite palette ever. Turns out I've cheated on it with this baby! A lot of people aren't huge fans of the Au Natural palette. Well, call me a rebel, I absolutely love this! Possibly more than the Storm palette! (Sorry Storm!) Thankyou Rabeeyah! For letting me have this!

theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette- ($36) This beautiful little guy, I just cannot get enough of! Read more about how much I love it here!

E.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit- ($3) The e.l.f Studio line is fast becoming one of my favorite makeup lines and this brow kit is no exception. It's transformed the way I feel about my brows!

Essence Gel Eyeliner- ($3.99, pictured in the first photo) I've started liking this a whole lot more than I had expected to since I've always been a liquid liner girl. Read more here!

Golden Rose Liquid Liner- (PKR 380) This has a weird name that I cannot recall but it's been my absolute go-to eye liner for 7 years now! I feel like I'm in a relationship! 7 years is way too long and still going on is proof what a superstar this is for me!

Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara- (PKR 1150/$5-8) The fact that I repurchased this when there's so many more mascaras out there to try is a testament of my undying love for it. I see another relationship starting here! Full review here.

Maybelline One by One Mascara- (PKR 975/$6-8) This smells like roses. And I love anything that smells like roses. That said, this mascara is definitely one I'll repurchase in the future because it defines and volumizes my lashes beautifully!

My favorite part!! LIP LOVES!

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Dragon Girl- ($24) The most perfect red ever! Not to mention the texture is truly velvet yet super matte.

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick- ($15) This is just, Ughh. This post should explain everythingg!

Medora Matte Lipstick in Coffee- (PKR 90-100) Cheapest lipstick ever? Yes. Amazing. Yes. Need I say more?

Milani Colorstatement lipsticks- (PKR 580-650/$5.49) I wanted to include every color I have because they are really that great. I chose Black Cherry because I've been reaching for it so much more than the rest. See how it looks on me here! Read more on these here!

Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipcolors- (PKR450/$1.99-2.50) Again I love many colors but I picked Wine Room because it's my most used and abused! See more swatches here.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish in Dolly- ($10-18) If you follow my blog you know I ain't no lip gloss girl. Buxom may have managed to turn that upside down. I love this stuff! It's minty and not heavy on the lips but still lasts long, smells delicious and though I don't have the full size but even this I'm sure will last me a long time.

Last but not the least are my beloved Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains! (PKR 1350/$8.99) It's safe to say I'm addicted to these and cannot stop. I would get more colors if Revlon hadn't launched the new MATTE balms. I have a feeling I'll be all over those as well!

Also worth mentioning is the E.l.f Studio Mist & Set (PKR 650/$3 not pictured) which I've been absolutely loving the past year and it really helps all my makeup last even longer! Read more about it here!

And that's it for my 2013 superstars! Do you share any favorites from the above? High five to that if you do! I'd love to know about your favorites too and why so I can try them out! Leave your recommendations below or on Facebook!

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  1. Great picks Ayesha... love all the products...RT brushes and glamoflauge concealer are two products on my wishlist for this year...

  2. Excellent post, now i am going to add some stuff in my wish list ;)

  3. lots of stuff going in my wishlist ;) ayesha where did you buy the nyc bronzer from? Youtube gurus have been raving about a lot. Need to get my hands on it :p

    1. Hey Maham! You can preorder the NYC bronzer from Beauty Hub on Facebook! I lovee mine! :)

  4. Such delicious products! The Lou-manizer is everywhere! And I need that concealer in my life...And Girl About Town...I can't even...so gorgeous!

  5. i always love your posts.. <3 all the products

  6. Great picks, and ur picks and pics stole my heart as ever... drooling!!!!

  7. So digging Dragon girl!! Would love to see a swatch on you. Like all your picks!! Xx

  8. wow great collection love it http://anoodmaliksblog.blogspot.com

  9. Love the photography! Please do a review on those matte balm stains from revlon.. Haven't seen it but I'm already in love

    1. Definitely! I just tried it on today! I can say it's pretty impressive!

  10. Love love loveee your picks Ayesha! I want to get my hands on the covergirl foundation now!

  11. No doubt 2013 was really a good year for me as well.

    Love everything from your 2013 collection

  12. wow...thanks for writing such a detailed post and sharing these gems with us!
    in other news, my wishlist is making me.... *gasp*!! :D :D

  13. lovely photography aysha!!!!!cant wait to get my hands on hard candy and cover girl foundation.....
    the girlz gallery

  14. nice picks Ayesha! Must get my hands on Mary-Loumanizer ;)

  15. Great picks, Ayesha! Mary Lou Manizer or MAC Soft and Gentle is a must buy for me this year. For some reason, I am not yet liking the Hard Candy concealer, maybe it will take time :D x

    1. Yesss! You have to get them Rabiyah! And I didn't like the concealer at first either but I learnt to work with it and now it's my fave! :D I hope it works out for you too! <3

  16. Wow! I'm amazed! Love your picks and the photography! :) x

  17. awesome picks & pix :) Thanks for sharing :)

  18. no ayesha you are not the last one i am still in the que hun i can see some of my favourite products too.

    1. Aww! Can't wait to see your favorites hun! :)

  19. This is one tempting post Ayesha! Most of the things are either my favourite too or on my wishlist. Can't wait to get Revlon Colorstay & Cover Girl foundation, heard so many good things about them. Oh! I also have Frat Boy on my to buy list, just waiting for another generous sale by theBalm! x

  20. Wow You just wrapped up everything in one post. Thats just head to toe besties stuff. Thanks or sharing.
    Just found you on blogsphere..


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