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REVIEW: Hand Knitted Mittens from Qurat Knitwear & Designs!

Hello hello! I don't know about you guys but I feel SO cold it's ridiculous I just can't wait for spring! While I quiver through this winter my favorite accessories are definitely hand knitted hats and mittens! They keep you so warm and cozy I only wish they made something for my nose too! Hahah! Read more on my take on these gorgeous colored mitts from Qurat Knitwear & Designs!

A little introduction! Qurat Knitwear and Designs is a Pakistani based knitwear shop on Facebook, and among the many things they do, their mittens and handwarmers are gorgeous!

The particular ones I was sent to try are bright orange with a cable knit pattern on the front. I am such a fan of cable knit patterns for the winters, I just think it's very cute and cozy looking. I love that there's a separate hole for the thumb, this keep the mitts from slipping off my hands and makes for a very snug fit. Some handwarmers tend to loosen up with use but these are pretty firm and haven't become deshaped over time. I've had them for about a month now and its safe to say they don't lose their shape considering how much I've been wearing them!

They definitely keep my hands really warm and although I'd prefer a bit softer wool, I am pretty happy with the quality of these. The pattern is SUPER neat and tidy which is something I definitely am picky about so I love that these are very professionally done. The best part about handwarmers like these are the practicality of them, I don't have frozen hands and I can still do most things while wearing these because my fingertips aren't enclosed like they'd be with full on gloves. I definitely recommend these to anyone interested because the quality is superb, the finishing is great and these are durable and practical! What's awesome is that these are so reasonably priced! Starting from PKR 800 and onwards, I think these are really good value for money. I'm definitely impressed!

My Rating:
4/5: Love these!

Qurat has also very generously sponsored a giveaway for some really cute multi-colored handwarmers for one of my lucky followers! What better way to celebrate the cold weather!? To enter the giveaway please head over to my page on Facebook here! Good luck and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. looks pretty! I love its designs <3

  2. Its look beautiful or lovely design or color :)

  3. Ive never been one to be too interested in gloves etc, but you make these seem so cozy! Haha

  4. These are a sure shot must have! Cute and protective at the same time! :) x

  5. these are so cute.I like your nail color alot ^_^

  6. Loving the colour of these!
    I prefer mittens to gloves as its so much easier! xx

  7. These are super cute I'm kinitting a pair for me these days...love carrot red


  8. I love mittens, I have knitted one for myself and love those :)


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