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REVIEW: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation!

I've been trying out the much hyped Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation since June this year and after having used it in a climate as hot as Lahore can get and during transitioning into the cooler months, I think now is a good time to review it!

When this first came out and I saw Dulce Candy's before and after review on this I was like I NEED THIS IN MY LIFEEE! She looked flawless with just this foundation on and all other reviews of this were pretty much raves! The CG Outlast Stay Fabulous claims to be "all day" long wearing with flawless coverage because it's hybrid of a primer-concealer-foundation.

I ordered the shade 825-Buff Beige because that's what findation.com matched me to it but I received the shade 840-Natural Beige because the former shade was out of stock. Send a customer a shade lighter or darker than the one they ordered? Yeah thanks, but next time I'll just match myself. It was just as annoying as the sales ladies in our local stores who INSIST you get a shade they desire you to slather on your face. Except a shade darker is totally not bad. I'd totally wear darker foundation anyday than be caught dead wearing a grey looking ghost mask. Finding a perfect match with any foundation isn't the easiest, a touch more yellow for you and you'll look sick, a touch too peachy or pink and it won't look right at all! Too light says trouble, and too dark says Oompa Loopma! :P 

Luckily for me, the shade Natural Beige is just ever so slightly dull on me but it works. It's kinda hard to tell in photos but it's good for the summers when my face isn't as pale. A little bit of lighter concealer in the right areas saves me from looking dull. It's also not as yellow as I'd like but it's still yellow toned enough so don't get me wrong this is not a pink toned shade! 

The good thing with the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous is that quite frankly it stays fabulous! It doesn't oxidise on me so getting a shade slightly darker doesn't make me look like an Oompa Loompa. It also lasts very well so I'm definitely in love with its longevity. It won't last you as long as the Revlon Colorstay but its close enough especially in the winters.

The packaging is just a clean glass bottle, nothing too crazy happening there. It has a pump so points for that and even more points for the fact that the pump can be locked! So when not in use you can lock it by twisting it sideways, which by the ways, saves the pump opening from getting into contact with the plastic cap and prevents it from getting dirty. Well played Covergirl, well played! Little details like that just give the inner product design lover in me a little kick of excitement. Ofcourse it may not make a difference to many but I personally love it!

To be honest I would still recommend ladies who need a primer or wear one with their regular foundation rountines to not skip a primer. While this foundation does last exceptionally well, it has too much of a slip to it during application so it can apply streaky with a brush if I'm not careful. A primer underneath would help apply it better. In comparison to other drugstore foundations it's not too runny and not too thick, I quite enjoy its consistency but despite being in the middle you can take your time blending this into the skin because it gives you a little more time to work it into your skin before it sets completely. It definitely doesn't set as fast as the Revlon Colorstay but I have to admit, it took me a while to adjust to this because I was definitely used to applying my foundation faster because of the Colorstay by Revlon.

I love applying this with my Sigma F60Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or my ELF Powder Brush so in my opinion a denser brush works better. I tried the Real Techniques Stippling Brush with this stuff and it left streaks all over. I think with a sponge or beauty blender this foundation will only be as amazing as it can possibly get!

As for coverage, I have to say this is SUPER impressive! And it's not easy to impress a girl with acne prone skin and this covers so well I skip my concealer because to be honest I like to look a little human and let my imperfections show, not that acne scarring is something pretty to look at but I just don't enjoy the full masked effect on a daily basis but this covers just enough. If I need more coverage I just layer this on and voila!

I did a little fake beauty mark test, courtesy Essence's Gel Eyeliner, to show you guys coverage with a single layer. It looks like a lot of foundation but I spread it all out.

And here's my bare face compared to after using the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation. You might be able to tell that my skin is definitely yellower (I am extremely yellow/olive toned) but the Covergirl is by no means not yellow. It's just not AS yellow for me and  it's hard to tell on camera but it's also slightly duller (not darker) than my actual complexion. However, it still evens out my redness and under eye area remarkably well while taking care of those dreadful acne scars from a recent breakout. I've also noticed that this foundation does not break me out which is the cherry on top!

It sets to a nice smooth, poreless, semi matte finish on my oily to comination skin and while I usually skip setting anything but my T-zone right after application if I want a total matte finish I just lightly buff my Rimmel Stay Matte all over. It does get noticeably shiny throughout the day in the summers but I actually love that slight dewy look which is why I skip the powder too mostly, summers and winters both. During the winters when I occasionally have a dry skin phase, it does emphasize dry areas really badly so I double the amount of moisturizer that I usually use all year round and that takes care of it.

Moving onto longevity, I've found this to last the same, with or without powder, a good 8-10 hours on me. It's only if I start touching my face (I have this bad habit of touching my right side of the face constantly) that it fades but I've noticed that with the ELF Mist & Set, it won't budge all day on me even with my constant fiddling.

To sum up this incredibly long review, GREAT drugstore foundation for the combination gals! Probably not the best bet for drier skin types. and for oily ladies you will wanna set & take your powder along with you for a long day. There's really nothing I don't like about this foundation. I will continue to buy it as long as Covergirl continues making it or I don't find a better one. This is great for day to day wear because it so easy to just slap on. Ooh! Btw, this smells like fresh tomatoes to me for some reason? In a very good pleasant way! Has anyone else noticed this? You can get this in Pakistan from Beauty Hub for PKR 1650!

-Coverage is amazing and so buildable
-A little goes a long way! Been using religiously since June '13-Jan '14 and still more than halfway to go.
-Longevity is great for combination skin.
-Satin finish looks healthy.
-Blends easily, lots of play time!

-Accentuates dry patches without moisturizer.
-Extremely oily skinned ladies will find this shiny after a few hours.

My Rating:
5/5: Love ittt! I hope they never stop making it!

Sorry for the crazy long review but I could go on FOREVER talking about this because I absolutely love it and I think you need one, and you need one, and oh yes, you, you do too! Have a FABULOUS day! Muah!


  1. I just got mine yesterday, but I'm head over heels for it! The review was detailed and informative! Loved it, really! <3 Will hopefully review mine against its Maxfactor counterpart!
    Stay Blessed!

  2. wow .I really really want it after your review.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Foundations are my current obsession & this definitely made its way to my wishlist after this review! Glad that it comes with a pump to make life easier.

  4. I NEED THIS. Which beauty guru DIDNT include it in her 2013 favorites, I was like MUST.BUY! But I have to watch the finances :'(

  5. Its on the top of my wishlist, but cant decide up on the shade :p I guess I'll go for buff or nude beige, the one which is not pale neither too yellow.
    Thanks for a detailed and tempting review.

    One request as you are a one blogger on the block who has used Bourjois 123, Revlon Color stay and CG out last, it will be great if you could do a comparison review of all three regarding SUMMER TIME. I'll be looking forward.

  6. I didnt know abt this foundation but all these +ive reviews are tempting me to get one fr myself. i think i wud hv to tag it " blogger made me buy this" on the blog

  7. foundation leaves patches on my skin but great review thanks

  8. on my wishlist since long....detailed review...hope to get it soon....

  9. Awesome review! Enjoyed reading it and thumbs up for the coverage test! I'd also wear a darker foundation than a lighter one any day! xx

  10. You watch Dulce Candy's videos ? :D Me too !!!! Love her <3 Awesome review !!! Keep it up :)

  11. Great review! It does a great job. How on earth do you watch Dulce Candy's videos? I miss her videos SO much. I am definitely getting this after finishing my 3 favorite foundations, which are not even half finished :D xx

  12. hey ayesha, you run the Beauty Hub?

  13. Loving its coverage. Another addition in my wish list :p x

  14. You are such an enabler :/ I can't wait to try this foundation . And I agree with you I will wear darker shade rather than looking like a walking grey dead. Lol

  15. Wow... I need to get this sooon. The coverage is great and with so many Pros one can't skip it...Thanks for the detailed review...

  16. Sounds great. I love when pumps lock x

  17. awesome coverage but sadly not available in dubai :( .. dont forget to check my fb page beautiblingz guyz there is a poll going on ...ur vote or comment will be appreciated :)

  18. Whoaa you just sold me this foundation lol. xx

  19. I think I shoulf get my hands on this ASAP =D !

  20. Hello, i have nominated you for the versatile blogger award =)


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