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REVIEW: Jordana Twist and Shine: Candied Coral!

With the jumbo lip crayon madness, it seems like every beauty brand has launched their own versions following the infamous Clinique Chubby Sticks and the even more talked about drugstore version by Revlon. The Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains were launched late last year and I was curious to try these out since they are a fraction of the price of it's competitors. Does the price difference mean average performance or is this just as good or perhaps even better? Let's find out!

The packaging is nothing new. Very similar to most of the crayon/balm stains on the market these too have the same color outer packaging as you would expect the color inside to be. To be honest the packaging on this isn't as sturdy as Revlon or Cliniques but it's not unacceptable. After trying out the lesser priced MUA Power Pouts and being extremely disappointed, I wasn't too keen on binging money on lots of these so I chose one color to try out, Candied Coral hoping that this wouldn't turn out like the MUA versions and be atleast true to color!

Turns out, it was everything and more! True to color along with nice opaque coverage that is buildable but not sheer my any means on the first swipe. The finish is a nice creamy, satin formula that is could easily be mistaken for a lipstick. It also feels nice and moisturizing for the first couple of hours until the shine dies down and a beautiful coral stain is left behind for hours. Compared to my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, this lasts just as well, a good 7-8 hours. I went to a never ending late night mehndi (wedding) and I had this on. I was sure that by the time we were done dancing and had the delicious halwa puri. most of this would be gone. To my surprise the stain looked beautiful when I got home despite not having the chance to reapply it during the event. The formula is also not drying for me but if I want some extra shine and moisture, I simply reapply. Personally, I like to apply like and then blot, apply again and blot once more because I'm not crazy about shiny lip products but left as it is it's a beautiful creamy finish not uber shiny like the MUA ones.

It's also much more forgiving as far as accentuating the lip lines are concerned. An issue for me with certain Revlon colors, namely Crush and Charm, Jordanas Candied Coral doesn't highlight any flaws or dry flakes. The only thing I'm not too keen about is the scent of these. They remind me of Skittles, and while those were great when I was a kid, I'm not crazy about having makeup smelling of fruity candy. Below is a single swipe on my arm and lips. I wasn't even a fan of corals until I found this beauty! Anyone who knows me will know I have this huge dilemma in my brain about corals not suiting me but this is the perfect one!

Jordana Candied Coral Swatch
Jordana Candied Coral Swatch

To conclude, this ones a beauty for sure! I'm in love and I think these give my favorite Revlon ones some serious competition! Well done Jordana! You can find these at Beauty Hub on Facebook or preorder them for PKR 650.
-Comfortable formula.
-Doesn't accentuate fine lines a lot.
-Feels moisturizing when freshly applied.
-Doesn't dry out my lips.
-Incredible staining and lasting power.



My Rating:
5/5: I just had to! This one is very special to my heart!


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  2. Lovely shade.. can't wait to try this after reading so many good reviews :)

  3. Its such a beautiful shade....Gonna try this for sure.....xoxoxo.....:)



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