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REVIEW: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush!

Hello lovers, hope you've all been good!! I've been away from blogging for a good few weeks and I definitely missed you guys! A review I've been wanting to share with you guys for SOO long, the much raved about Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush may seem a color very unexpected for the spring/summer but it is very much in trend for the SS2013!

Revlon's version of the Clinique Chubby Sticks. Yes, we all know that but sadly, I can't compare the two since I haven't tried the CCS.

The packaging is sturdy and classic. Nothing too fancy, but fun yet classy. I love the concept of the lip crayon. Just how crazy would it be to dining out in a fancy schmancy place, jazz music playing in the background, and you reach for your sleek purse only to pull out a GIANT crayon to draw on your lips?!? Hahah, outrageous but awesome!

The plastic tube twists up like a regular lipstick, and the amount of product you get is actually pretty good. Unless you're not a fan of pepperminty smells, these are nicely refreshing to smell as well! They taste minty and leave a tingling feeling but all of this is nothing too overpowering for me personally.

The nice minty smell and tingle aside, the product has a balm texture indeed. Not a waxy one, but a nice creamy balm. The finish upon initial application is a glossy one which dies down to a semi matte finish before eventually becoming a matte stain. Don't expect this to work as a moisturizer for the lips though. It doesn't do much in that department which to be honest is a bit of a disappointment for me. I recommend exfoliation prior to application because it does enhance imperfections! Howeverrr, if you're expecting a lot in the staining department, then you shall not be disappointed. Stains the lips gorgeously! And a definite kissable stain at that. Doesn't transfer much at all on me at all.  

The lasting power is amazing to say the least about this one, but the pigmentation and longevity both really depend on how strong you've applied the product. A single layer gives a nice tint to the lips, almost like a MAC Lustre lipstick but more glossy and gets me through a good 3-4 hours without the need to reapply whereas with two layers or more the stain is deeper, thus longer lasting. Most lip products generally last a minimum of 3 hours on me but blotting and applying the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain increases the wear time even longer making this the longest lasting product on my list. I apply a layer, blot with a tissue, repeat and apply one last time. Gets me through a good 7 hours and more with a tiny bit of touching up in the middle of my lips. Zero exaggeration! Unless you peel your lips or somewhat remove layers of the product constantly, but even if so, I doubt that this will last any less because a friend of mine who has such a habit tried this and told me it lasted until she had to literally scrub it off at night and even then it left traces behind!

That's not necessarily the best thing about a makeup product either now is it. You want to be able to remove it with as much ease as you put it on but I've had no troubles as such with these. Dry lips might need to look for a gentle but effective makeup remover to do the job for them.

Let's talk about Crush now. A gorgeous berry plum shade that's perfect for winters! Personally, I don't shy away from such colors even on a summer day because it's really nice against medium toned skin and really brightens up the complexion when worn darker. Lighter, I've come to the conclusion is not much fun. Very pretty nonetheless, but not fun enough for me. You can see me wearing it lightly HERE. Maybe I could post a few face photos with this in it's full pigment packed glory because that will truly do it justice.

Another one of my Revlon JBKBS happens to get darker as it stains, but that darkening isn't there with Crush on my lips. It stays true to the shade so if you're worried that this may look vampy or something, I really don't think so. It has red undertones but it's not dull enough to give a vamp effect. In my opinion it's a shade that can work for all kinds of skintones!


To sum things up, I am a huge fan! It has been my favorite lip product ever since March and it's super addictive. What's best is I'm not running out super fast. I know these can be a bit over priced in Pakistan but I say go ahead and splurge on one atleast! You won't be disappointed! You can purchase these at Beauty Hub on Facebook for 1350 PKR.

-Kissable alright.
-Stains beautifully.
-Fades evenly.
-Pigmentation of a lipstick, feel of a balm.
-Buildable coverage.
-Minty fragrance, taste and tingle.
-Twist up crayon.


-That I don't have them all. Hah!
-Highlights imperfections on non-prepped lips.

My Rating:
5/5: Sensational!!! A winner for me!

Thanks for taking the time out to go through my post! Your comments make my day! Let me know if you've tried these and if so, what's the one shade you'd recommend to me! :)
Take care and stay blessed!


  1. I want to pick one of these. Great review and beautiful color. xx

  2. Hayeeee! You feed the addiction. Got sis the power pouts cant wait to hear her feedback. I want Lovesick!

    1. Hahahha! :D I like the power pouts! And omggg you will loveeee Lovesick Arous! Get it!

  3. Oh lovely color, remember u wore this on Luscious launch, i also want this but I really love to wear Lipsticks :D

  4. loved the lip swatches....you know the way to get your pictures right :):)

  5. Gorgeous shade!!! I love these balmstains and Im thinking to get the new MUA ones just to compare it to the Revlon version.

    1. Those are quite different actually but nice for the price! I can't get enough of the balmstains!

  6. Ahh i SO wanna get this! <3

  7. loved the layered twice pic. Thanks for the in-depth review!!

  8. wao it looks so nice on you :) n by your detail review i think i m gonna buy some of them i have heard good reviews about honey too but its very light color but crush i gonna get it than for the awesome detailed review Ayesha

    1. You're welcome Maha! Thanks for the lovely comment! :)

  9. Ooooh Love the color :)


  10. The colour looks bold and scary alone, but on your lips..oh-so-beautiful! ♥

  11. Lovely color and looks great on you <3 I so want to try them out ... xx

  12. I just got this (literally the box arrived today) I have it applied and OH MY GOD I cannot believe how beautiful it is, its the perfect lip color for fall. EEK! I cannot stop looking in the mirror and admiring it. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  13. Hahaha I had no idea I had commented earlier. Can I just say that its like I have crushed pomegranate on my lips, THAT'S how pretty this is? Ok shutting up now.

  14. Iv been waitong to not be broke anymore so I can do some serious lip shopping. Revlon stains on top of the list.

  15. I just got this in crush I love it! Great review if you have time please take a look at my new blog www.paisleydaisy99.blogspot.co.uk


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