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REVIEW: Luscious Curl Addict Mascara!

A new month, a new mascara! February is finally here! It's my favorite time of the year, not only is it my birth month but I just love Feb, the month of loveee, haha excuse the case of cheesies I've gotten, it's the time of the year I begin anticipating the spring time which is, you guessed it, also my favorite time of the year! Can't wait for the darned cold weather to go away! Anyways, back to earth, Luscious cosmetics has come up with a brand NEW mascara among their new releases this year and I was generously sent the new Luscious Curl Addict to try out and share with you guys!

Let's just talk about the first and most obvious thing about this beauty- the packaging! It's gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the illustration! It's otherwise a fairly simple black tube, basic, but practical for storage, which is a keeper in my case because it doesn't take up 95% of the space inside my makeup bag like some mascaras (Maybelline, I'm looking at you). I love how sleek and pretty the tube is!

It comes in a box! I love when things, specifically makeup comes in boxes. I hate little plastic, cheap covers that you have to rip the actual product out of. Boxes are very chic. To me, atleast. It may seem unnecessary to some but I like to take care of my makeup and I like storing things in their original boxes when not in use and I admire the effort Luscious has put into just the packaging of this mascara!

I got the shade Carbon Black, which I believe is the only shade released so far. It's also a waterproof formula and you get about 8ml of product that should last you a good 5-6 months for a price of PKR 950/ $9.15.

What I enjoy most is the unique wand. It's the first of this kind that I have tried so far, so it was most definitely new to me! It's kinda like three little ball shapes instead of one huge wand, and it doesn't really take long to get used to it because its not as complicated as it seems! Luscious claims that the Curl Addict mascara will "dramatically curl and define eyelashes with a quick-drying waterproof formula" and I couldn't agree more! That is exactly what this mascara does. It curls and defines and does dry quickly, a bit too quick for my liking but I'm getting used to it. You have to be quick, but once it's on, it's ON. For the rest of the day, your mascara will not budge. You can cry your eyes out and still have gorgeous lashes. Not that you should cry your eyes out especially when you look fabulous but you get the point!

The only thing it doesn't really do is volumize the lashes a lot, but then that is not what they claim, so you can't really complain about that. I think it works best with pre curled lashes. Below, I've used it without any prior lash curling. I enjoy how it defines the lashes instantly without looking too clumpy, but you have to be quick to avoid any clumps. It's been my go to mascara for the past few weeks for just a natural, defined curl which lasts all day long. My favorite way to use this mascara is for my lower lashes, I have not found a wand that gives me non clumpy, super crazy lower lashes, and this defines my lower lashes PERFECTLY! Even on days I don't use this on my top lashes, I will use it on my lower lashes when I want to because the wand is just perfect for defining lower lashes without giving them too much attention.

I was a bit reluctant, as I am with most WATERPROOF mascaras, because I hatee taking them off, and I absolutely dread pulling out my lashes in the process but so far, this has been good to me and I have not experienced any noticeable damage to my lashes. It comes off easily with a makeup remover or with just my regular face cleanser.

Top to bottom: No mascara, Single coat and then Double coat of the Luscious Curl Addict.
To conclude, the Luscious Curl Addict works for me! I love the way it holds my curl and although it doesn't give me dramatically volumized lashes, it's good for defining the eyelashes and keeping them curled on a "no-makeup" makeup day to keep you looking fresh and awake! Love it for lower lashes! That said, it's not the mascara I'd reach for when I want noticeable lashes because there are definitely other mascaras out there that give the same curl hold with better length and volume all in one! This is definitely a more everyday mascara for just a hint of definition or it may work better for people blessed with beautiful, thick lashes naturally and don't want a spider lash effect by using a product that defines and volumizes too much! You can check it out on Luscious cosmetics new website and shop online HERE!
-Curl holding power.
-Lengthens and defines nicely.
-Defines lower lashes just enough.
-Cute yet compact packaging.

-Dries fast so you need to work quick.
-May clump if you're not careful.
-Doesn't volumize if that's what you're looking for.

My Rating:

3/5: Worth trying out if you're looking for just definition!

Thankyou for dropping by! Have a wonderful day!

*This post may contain a PR sample sent for consideration or review purposes.


  1. I love the packaging of this mascara more than anything! It screams "girly". x

  2. I really like the packaging of this mascara....But I need more volume for my lashesss... Thanks for the review :)

  3. I love the length! It really defined your lashes well.

  4. It does look quite good on your lashes but I do see how it can get clumpy really easily, it already looks like the brush gathers a bit too much mascara!

  5. Ahhh i was just taking pictures for this today so i can write a review, and i second you word by word! Now when i do write a review, it will look like i ripped it off your blog haha!

  6. The packaging is really cute but it doesnt give neat look to your lashes.....xoxoxo...:)

  7. cute packaging it looks nice x haven't tried it might do now x

  8. The packaging is super adorable :)..xoxo

  9. Hey! Here's another person who'd plagiarise your review :-P
    Also taking pictures <3 Love your review, Ayesha :)


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