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REVIEW+ SWATCHES: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm!

Hey hey gorgeous! I'm back! It's been super hectic lately with the end of school year so close, and while I wish I could blog more often, it just doesn't happen sometimes! Anyways, sharing these really exciting Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms that I hauled some months ago for my birthday! It's no secret how much I love the Just Bitten Kissable version of these, so let's find out if I fell in love with these just as much?

To start off, the packaging is pretty much the same but completely MATTE, just like the product inside. I've noticed that the plastic on these is not as sturdy as the previous lip crayons by Revlon and I have had one of the lids on mine crack although I've never had such a thing happen even with the cheapest of cheap drugstore products. It doesn't bother me too much since the damage isn't great. I also dislike that the bottom twisty thing on these is a lot looser than the previous versions. It tends to twist up much easily with just a touch which may be a problem for some.

The texture on these is so UBER buttery smooth. It's lovely! They glide on and are very matte indeed and also pigmented beyond my expectations so definitely true to their claim of being "colorburst, matte balms" because you get all three in one. Extreme color pay off, brilliant matte texture and that buttery smooth balm like application.

I get about 4-5 hours of good wear on these and a slight hint of color is left behind but it's nothing like the gorgeous even stain the Kissable versions had. Then again, Revlon makes no such claim of any staining powers for these so it's all good.

The shades I got are Sultry, a gorgeous rose color with mauve tones, Unapologetic, a warm, vibrant cross between a coral and a pink and Standout, a deep, true neutral red. In LOVE with my picks! My favorite is Sultry, then Standout and Unapologetic (also said dupe of MAC's Impassioned Lipstick). I do get much more longer wear out of Standout and Unapologetic since they are deeper colors but without eating or drinking all of these last incredibly well on my lips. They are comfortable to wear and lock in moisture instead of drying out your lips after a few hours atleast for me. Anyone with dry, chapped lips will need to exfoliate and apply a balm before hand. You also get the same minty scent and tingling for the first few mintues of wear as with the Kissable versions so if you were not a fan of that feature, this may bother you. I, however, couldn't be happier with these!

All in all, I am in love all over again! Revlon has me wrapped around their finger with their chubby lip sticks! Exceeds expectations! I might get one more, possibly Showy or Audacious because these are so good! You can get yours via Beauty Hub on Facebook!

-Matte Texture.
-Non drying.
-Incredibly pigmented.

-Minty scent and feel.

-Packaging not as sturdy.

My Rating:
4/5: LOVEEE!

So which colors have you gotten or are on your wishlist? Comment down below to let me know! <3


  1. Unapologetic is such a pretty shade.....love your swatches....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. Unapologetic is SUPER pretty. I am so happy I picked the right shade x

  3. Gorgeous swatches....super pretty shades.

  4. Sultry looks like the most wearable out of these three! Love the swatches! :) xx

  5. Soo gorgeous!! Love all the shades.

  6. Unapologetic is definitely on my to-buy list but I am waiting for some orders to come through, so must not shop, oh who am I kidding, I can walk to Walgreens and pick this up today :P

  7. I have Unapologetic and I adore it xx

  8. You have beautiful lips MashaAllah

  9. I'm a sucker for red lipsticks and standout is one of my fav red <3 :D !!!
    love your swatches and photography :D ..
    Heaps of love xx

  10. I've ordered Sultry! Still waiting for it :)

  11. uff uff uff.Love the pout photos.The colors are just sooo pretty.Great post as always dear.wow I really want these now .xoxoxo

  12. Love these!!!!


  13. Oh gosh! These are definitely drool-worthy!

  14. HOWWW in the world do you get your lip swatches to be so perfect! im quite jealouss for that reason, and the fact that i have none of these matte balms, being a matte lover this surely needs to be remedied haha!

  15. The photography is gorgeous as always!! <3 unapologetic is wow! I have my eyes on Audacious ^_^

  16. OMG after reading just a few of your blogs i have one thing to say to you, I love you. haha. Keep it up :) xx

  17. Oh and please tell me when will you be reviewing Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade?

  18. I LOVE your pictures, and your rating system! The little 5 pictures of you at the bottom of each post are such a great idea. x

    Lola and Behold


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