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REVIEW: Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip 2013!

I know, I know. I am a little too late. A whole year to be precise! Umm, when I took photos for this posts like a year ago, I lost them and then I just got too lazy to take them again but now that the Sephora Favorites sets are back I thought it would be worth it to put some thought into how the experience was for me last year and whether or not are these sets a good value for money so that it could possible help someone out there. Ofcourse you won't be able to get this specific set unless someone has it instock but hopefully this post will help you make some decisions for the ones currently on sale. Hmm, hahha, let's get rollin' shall we?

It comes in a pretty rose gold box, the color being all the rage ever since the unleashing of the rose gold jewels (MK, we blame you) and the theme is inside is also pretty similar. Very subtle, rosy toned lip colors!

The kit included one full sized Tarte Lipsurgence while the rest was said to be sample sized. I've got to admit, I had braced myself to receive the tiniest little sample sizes ever, mainly because online photos and even sizes on Youtube can be very misleading. Best thing to do is to read up the product quantity and compare it to the full size, but I was still sure shot the samples would be miniatures. How glad was I to be proven wrong!? These samples are pretty generous and will last me quite some time. I cannot get over the fact that for $25 you get a good $90 worth of 6 lip products.

Everything is MLBB with a different twist to it except for me the NARS Turkish Delight gloss and the Laura Mercier Lip Glace which are really great for a nude lip. What's great is that the shades are not repetitive at all, you get a good range of color within a limited spectrum and a handful of different finishes to try out! Get ready for mini reviews ahead!

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment: I had heard some great things about this little gem, and while you don't get the full size, you still get a GOOD size. I've been using this on and off when my lips need the extra care throughout the past year and I haven't finished it. It's also not just one of those over hyped products, this stuff delivers. It claims to nourish, protect and plump and it does exactly that. My lips feel SO smooth with this on and it doesn't feel like I have much on at all. As promised, you get a sheer rosy tint, as you can tell from my lip swatches. I also particularly adore that it doesn't make my lips shiny or greasy so it's perfect to wear under lipsticks without altering their finish. Added plus is the SPF 15 and its scent reminds me of lemon drops! This very same product is also included in this years Superstars Set and the Berry Tinted variant is included in the Give Me More Lip Set on Sephora! The full size comes in a wide variety of 10 tints and 1 un-tinted version!

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Pink: Described as a light pink, this is also a sample size generous enough to last many months! I haven't gotten much use out of it because the color doesn't tickle my fancy much. The scent is a delicious vanilla freshly baked something fragrance and the product feels really lightweight and not sticky at all! Really great for lip gloss lovers! The 2014 Sephora set includes one of these too but in the shade Blush which is described as a Medium Rose Brown!

Buxom Full On Lip Polish in Dolly: This is possibly my top favorite from the set, and that coming from a NON-LIPGLOSS lover is enough said. This does everything it claims to and the color is gorgeous, the finish is gorgeous, ughh just what about this isn't?!? The shine is almost unreal it's like liquid vinyl or something. It's minty and tingles (doesn't burn) which I find very refreshing and DEFINITELY plumps the lips! Really generous size for a sample too. There are other Buxom lip products in the 2014 sets, like their lipstick and lip cream but not this one.

Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight: I wasn't totally psyched to try this signature Kim K lipgloss, cult favorite because I've never been a fan of the milky light pink lips. This set gave me chance to try it out and possibly change how I felt about it. However, not much changed at all. While it's not a complete dud, it's my least favorite product of the bunch. Someone else probably would love this, but it's just not my kind of a lip gloss. It feels heaviest of the bunch of lipglosses, but not unbearably so. It does settle into the lip lines although it's not very sticky. That said, the formula or the color did not wow me at all. There's a Nars Deluxe Orgasm Lipgloss in the 2014 Give Me Some Lip set which doesn't excite me much either.

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb: THIS! Boy was I excited to try this out. I'm happy to report I was not disappointed by this. This plum-rose shade has a finish that's satin-but-closer-to-matte and the color is a stunning rose shade. It is a creamy lip pencil with a very pigmented, long lasting formula that smells good and of course the Bite Beauty lipsticks are said to be good enough to eat so there's that too! Overall, second favorite and totally makes up for the Nars lipgloss! This year there's a High Pigment pencil included in the Give Me Some Lip set again in a different shade, Meritage, a very pretty brick red and the Give Me More Lip set includes a Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino a vibrant magenta!

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Luster in Glitzy: I did look up swatches for these prior to purchasing so I was already prepared for the shimmer in this. It does have a lot of gold shimmer running through the rosy base color. It's not very fine but not very chunky either. I cannot say if I'm a huge fan but I liked the product far more than I expected to. It's a bit like Nars Orgasm blush in a lip pencil format. Has a considerable amount of shine and a minty feel to it. Love how it feels but the shade is a bit iffy. This was the only full-size product and this years Give Me More Lip set also includes a Tarte Lipsurgence Power Pigment in Flush as the only full-size along with a mini Lip Tint in Moody.

All in all the Sephora Favorites sets seem to be the perfect way to try out products for a good few months, some even longer and you save a lot of money but get to try out a lot of the good stuff. If you fear that the sets might just be gimmick to sell out stuff that isn't doing well, or that the samples might not be usable or very less in quantity, that's not true. You get a vast variety, whoever picks out the products is doing a good job because there is something to cater to everyone's taste!

Everyone who got the Superstars set last year is pretty disappointed as this years set carries a lot of the same stuff as it's previous version, but that is good news for those who missed out on last years. As far as I can tell, the only dud from this years sets seems to be the Benefit Posiebalm included in the Give Me More Lip set which everyone is ridiculing as a joke of a sample but I suppose it's fine even if you do get only very few uses out of it since the rest of the stuff in the set is so usable. I'm totally torn between which sets to grab, so we shall wait until I finally do get them to see which ones I go for. Which one do you have your heart set upon?


  1. wow amazing pix :) Glitzy is super pretty !

  2. Beautiful shades and Ah-mazing pictures once again :) You motivate me with these pictures to save money for my DSLR :D

  3. Loved the shot <3 i am not a person who would splurge on high end products if I am not really going to use them; as in the case of lippies but this is making me get some Sephora sets now. You are so evil!
    Love you and your work <3

  4. I love this set compared to this years! I have a small sample of the Buxon Lip Polish and its the best gloss ever.

  5. Hands down, some of your finest pictues! I loved them. Well, I feel that every time I see your posts :-D
    THANKS for an honest review! Now I am thinking - should I venture for the 2014 edition? :-)

  6. Awesome photography as always! ^_^ kinda disappointed with the Nars lip gloss

  7. Oh My godness! this review was what i ave been waiting for years, same here; turkish delight isnt something for asians but boxom and bite beauty steal the show!


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