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Video: Polio Awareness Campaign- Leap Of Faith.

*Sponsored Video.

Hello everybody! Today I am here to share with you a short video meant to raise awareness about Polio, a preventable disease that has engulfed the lives of many across our country.

Polio is a preventable disease that affects young children and adults. Leap of Faith seeks to raise awareness of polio and vaccination efforts in Pakistan. Protect your children from polio and other preventable diseases. Your courage will keep them healthy.

It is an unfortunate truth that Pakistan has been declared a Polio-exporting country, and is among the worlds' 10 polio-infected countries when the solution is available. It cannot be stressed enough that it is negligence that has lead to over a 100 cases of Polio this year alone. It is our duty to make everyone and anyone around us aware of this situation and how it can be prevented without hesitation. Hope you all have a blessed day!

Love, Ayesha.

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