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REVIEW: Sweet Touch Lash Boost Mascara!

Hello hello! I am glad I am back into the habit of posting much more regularly. I feel pretty motivated which is a relief! I have been really enjoying using the Sweet Touch Lash Boost Mascara recently, and it's my go-to mascara. Strangely enough, I wasn't expecting this mascara to blow me away! And blow me away, it sure did!

The formula is quite lovely, not too runny or watery and not dry by any means. It lasts all throughout the day even the humid weather of Pakistan, so that's a plus point for sure. It's black enough as well and the great thing is that you can use it so you have very subtle defined lashes or really crazy volume as well! Two ways in one, what could be better! It curls up my lashes with each swipe and I feel like it does hold it up quite well throughout the day but it's not a waterproof formula which is what I prefer on a daily basis since removal is easy. I haven't found it to irritate my eyes or cause any flaking or running - NONE of the bad stuff. It doesn't have any particular fragrance although it does tend to clump if you don't go for the second coat fast but I don't have a problem with that since I usually go for a single coat or just apply the second one fast.

I absolutely ADORE the wand! It is slightly tapered at the tip so it reaches into every tiny little lash in the inner and outer corner of my eye. Not a huge fan of icecream-esque blob of product that is left on top of the wand once you take it out but it's easy to scrape that access mascara back into the tube. Oh, and unlike some, the mouth of this mascara tube doesn't become filthy after even many uses. I quite like that because I enjoy keeping clean looking makeup and messy mascara tubes are the first thing to mke me cringe!

Here's how it enhances my eyelashes! Excuse my slightly swollen eyelids, I may have had a case of "cry-myself-to-sleep" the night before but it is best for mascara reviews since swollen lids kind of push my lashes downward and make them appear shorter and stumpier. The photos also turned out to be a bit over exposed but you still see the difference and you can most definitely tell that the mascara gives a curl to the lashes with each coat! It doesn't add too much volume but it's just enough for me. The lengthening is pretty good too. I've also felt the condition of my lashes improve. with less falling out which could possibly be the result of the Green Tea infusion in the formula!

Overall it's a great daily go-to mascara since it does pretty much everything and is not completely waterproof which is something I look for in a daily mascara! If you prefer a waterproof formula then this may not be for you! If you like taking application slow, then it may clump on you but I absolutely LOVE this mascara because it's so affordable, available easily all over Pakistan for PKR 490 (you can buy it online here) and the packaging is kinda fun too! I won't be surprised if I purchase this when I run out!
-Available easily across Pakistan.
-Waterproof formula perfect for daily wear.

-Clumps if you are not fast enough.

My Rating:
4/5: Drugstore gem!

I hope this was helpful to all you beauties out there! Who can say no to an affordable product that does the job well, not me! :P What's your FAVORITE drugstore mascara?

*Product sent for consideration.


  1. That is impressive for a locally available mascara at this price....

  2. ooo I really like the sound of this one :)
    hareem x

  3. Nice review, and it did good job. Mine current fav mascara is rimmel accelerator endless mascara.
    Sahar- The cozy fashionista

  4. Here it goes on to my shopping list! :D Hope you're feeling better now! :) x

  5. Sweet Touch is one of the first few brands that I started using, mostly because it did the job and fits in that 'student-budget'. Loved the result. :)
    My current favorite mascara is Curl Addict by Luscious Cosmetics though. I have stopped using a lash curler since I got that mascara.

  6. Essence maximum definition volume mascara! The wand separates and defines really well and I love the formula :)

  7. So happy to see Sweet Touch come out with this! Will be getting this one for sure! And how the hell do you take such beautiful photos gurlll?? :-3

  8. That is such a bargain! You have a great blog! xx


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