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REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers!

Hello beauties! I'm back with another review and some swatches of a delicious lip product by Makeup Revolution again! I've got to say, I was uber excited to try out these Salvation Velvet Lacquers because I love my matte lipsticks and I love a good liquid lipstick like no other!

Pretty standard lipgloss packaging, these also come in similar rose gold metallic boxes like their glossy counterparts, the Salvation Intense Lacquers that I reviewed a while ago. The doe foot applicator is also pretty standard but I do feel like I need to scrape off access lip product off the applicator into the tube but that's more so because I like to wear a very tiny amount of these.

Which brings me to the formula. These are extremely pigmented, and dry totally matte. I feel like the best way to wear these for me has been to use the tiniest bit possible and spread it all over the lips so that there's the thinnest layer of product possible on my lips or else the formula can feel too heavy and uncomfortable on the lips. Once I have spread out the lacquer on my lips, I like to use the almost dry doe foot in a soft patting motion all over to make sure there is no access product clumped anywhere, ensuring an even layer all over. Drying time isn't too quick but these don't give you a LOT of playtime, so be careful to get an even layer the first time or it will dry messy too. If it dries messy, there's unfortunately no option of fixing it. Applying over it will only make it look worse so I recommend reapplying from scratch instead.

While these dry, I make sure NOT to press my lips together, or blot them or anything of that sort. Basically I don't move my lips at all while these dry because any contact with the lacquer during the 30 seconds right after application will mess it up. 

The good thing is that these are opaque enough that you can get away with a really thin layer and what's even better is that they last incredibly long even with the thin layer. Infact, I feel like it's actually harder to take these off once they are on. I kinda feel like these are Revlon Colorstay for the lips, lol. Once it's on, IT'S ON! These are pretty difficult to remove on their own and I have to use makeup wipes to remove them completely. I absolutely love the staying power of these but the shade "Keep Flying For You" seems to separate on the center of the lips after the 5 hour mark. The rest of these I've found to stay put brilliantly and fade slightly evenly throughout the day. I wore "You Took My Love" and "What I Believe" all day and they lasted beautifully, I'd say a good 7-8 hours but "What I Believe" faded  considerably with eating and drinking but I did apply a VERY thin layer.

What I Believe is a gorgeous muted baby nude-pink, which is surprisingly nice against my skintone. I wasn't sure how this would look on me but I absolutely adore it!

Keep Flying For You is a peachy neon orange. To be honest, as gorgeous as the shade is, it doesn't look too flattering on me. I have to be careful with this one and the formula on this one isn't as great as the others either.

I Fall In Love, Oh my my! I AM IN LOVE! This is like Candy Yum Yum in liquid form. I'm not saying this is a dupe but they're a similar concept of NEON bright blue based pink goodness. Definitely a winner for me, but not a color for the faint hearted.

You Took My Love is a stunning bright pink. Almost reminds me of my Girl About Town lipstick which I don't own anymore. Beautiful color, beautiful formula. Also probably the safest option in terms of color if you're contemplating buying these because you cannot go wrong with a pink this color, it's universally flattering.

And finally Keep Trying For You. WHOA BABY! Definitely doesn't look like trying too hard to me. A staple neutral red. Not too deep and not too in your face bright. It's probably the smoothest formula of the bunch, comfortable to wear and opaque. Universally flattering shade again!

I will say that for people who have dry lips, these will probably not be suitable. If you love a matte lip and don't mind the dry feeling that comes with long lasting liquid lipsticks like such then this is something you'd enjoy! If you dread lipsticks that aren't easy to remove, then again this is NOT for you, but for me my regular makeup wipes work like a charm to get these gone in no time.

Perfect application does take a tiny bit extra effort, but I do enjoy wearing these because the colors are really intense and last long too. I don't wear lip balm or any such thing under these because I simply do not feel the need but they do tend to start feeling drier further into the day. I cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate your lips with such a formula because if you don't it will cling and accentuate every teeny dry patch of dead skin ever. These may not be super comfortable but they are also not the worst (MUA Luxe Lacquers, I'm looking at you) but for the price of just PKR550, I think these are pretty good! Not for everyone, but a great budget product! You can buy these online at Just4Girls.pk in Pakistan or just order them off the Makeup Revolution website!

-Stunning matte finish.


-Tricky application.
-Drying formula.

My Rating:

3/5: Maybe baby!

I hope my swatches will prove helpful to you ladies, I will see you all soon! Have a great weekend!

*pr sample


  1. I love love matte lips, I never get bored of them :D Love the pictures and your review :)

  2. Awesome review girl! I totally enjoy your writing style and photos are bomb dot com! 💣 :D xx

  3. great review n love the swatches ayesha :)

  4. You always tempt me into buying bright dark colors with ur beautiful lips and photography and those colors never end up looking as hot as they loon on you :) i love the fact u kept the pics natural ;)

  5. Oh I'm so tempted to buy these now! Lovely post! x


  6. MashALLAH MashALLAH MashALLAH such a beautiful post Ayesha . I am a die hard fan your reviews specially the lip product ones . You can carry any color be it Bright Neons or muted nudes every color flatters you ! Loved all of them ,dont know if these will suit me though !

  7. Great review. I think almost all the lip laquers are like that. For the price of it, I think they are good enough

  8. Wow they look amazing! And btw I think "Keep Flying For You" looks pretty good on you! :)


  9. Makes me wanna buy them just based on your photos. Love the blog and looooove the photography and effects.

  10. which one is more lasting? this or the salvation intense?

  11. okay you have made up my mind, these are currently 6 for £8 in boots and I'm going to buy it! I can't wait :D


  12. Great review!❣ Photos are so clear Keep Trying For You really looks good on you. ☺

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