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Shop With Me: AlKaram Rangon Ki Duniya '15!

What's up girls?? I'll tell you what, a wave of lawn collections that is about to hit us hard! With so many brands names and styles it can be difficult to choose which is why I'm here to share my humble opinion with you on the AlKaram Studio Spring Collection Volume 1- Rangon Ki Duniya!

The pret wear section encompasses a wide range of styles, including ethnic, geometric prints as well as more understated, solid but statement pieces. The monochrome with a pop pink pret piece below has to be my favorite from the latest collection, although when I tried it on the material leaned more towards the winter-transtioning-into-spring appropriate side instead of for the warmer months. The cloth is a bit thicker than I'd like it to be but the ethnic design is gorgeous nonetheless!

You also have a small selection of scarves to choose from to mix and match the ready to wear shirts. Or you can choose from a myriad of three-piece unstitched suits that can be customized. You have embroidery on lawn and cotton that includes Kaamdani, and Chikankari pieces with a mix of silk and chiffon!

Price range for pret begins from 3k and above and while the starting prices for unstitched pieces are relatively higher. In my opinion the pret pieces are much more value for the money since there's something for everyone with great variety not only in design but also style and concept. Overall, the pret range definitely caught my eye a lot more than the 3-piece range but since this is only Volume 1,we shall see what AlKaram has to offer in its future collections. 


  1. all are amazing just love the white one which you are wearing (y)

  2. The collection is super amazing... Loved the shots

  3. I have had lost connection with Al-Karam over the years, but it used to be my childhood favorite brand of clothes. I guess I need to pay Al-Karam studio a visit now <3 Everything looks lovely through your photography!

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