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Hey there! Welcome to my blog! I am Ayesha, a 21 year old Design Student currently completing my undergrad studies! I have an unhealthy obsession with make up products, and I love to write but with my college and all, who can find the time to write? So this blog is basically to help me keep writing and sometimes rant or rave, about the things I love the most and some not so much! I love me some color in my life and I am quite a colorful person, if I do say so myself, whether it's with my makeup, clothes, or anything around me! So thanks for dropping by, click the join this site button if you want to follow, and also hit "LIKE" on my facebook page dedicated to this blog to stay updated. Hopefully we can be friends :) 

For my very first blog post I'd like to share my mini haul from a not so long time ago to get me started on this blogging business :)

After eyeing it for the LONGEST I finally got my hands on the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm and OMG it definitely blew me away! A review on this palette will be up soon as well :). I also purchased the infamous NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk, which is ofcourse a must have and I feel kinda dumb for putting up a post for that but like I said it is a must have! :) 

                                                            NYX Jumbo Pencil in MILK

I got both at Beauty Unleashed and not only was the order and delivery process super smooth with them, it was a pleasure purchasing from them and I hope to make more purchases from here in the future! :)

Do you own any of the products above? Love them? Hate them? Let me know your thoughts and queries in the comments down below :) Thanks for reading! <3

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