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Mini Haul & Gift!

Hello girls! :) I am back with a mini haul and a gift that I won in a giveaway sponsored by Dhanak on International Makeup in Pakistan. This is the first time I've won something and I was super excited not only because of the gift but also because it was a gift to me by Dhanak, where I also got the rest of my haul and the owner is an amazing person!

For my little haul, I got two MUA eyeshadows, two MUA nail varnishes and an owl necklace! I had been waiting to get my hands on the eyeshadows because I've heard so much about MUA SHADE 11 being a very close dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe! The other eyeshadow is just a very simple, matte flesh tone color in SHADE 17 by MUA. The two nail varnishes are the cutest things ever! Perfect for the spring/summer pastel trend and they are perfection in a bottle! I will do a detailed review very soon!

The owl necklace is also very cute and opens with a magnetic closing system, I am thinking about doing a simple DIY on how to set a picture inside this necklace with clear resin soon. Comment down below if you'd like to see it so I know whether I should do it or not!

Last but not the least is the amazing little gift I won in the giveaway! Thankyou so much Dhanak and International Makeup In Pakistan! I absolutely love this Soap & Glory lipgloss!

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed going through my haul! Comment down below if you'd specifically like to see an extensive review on any one of the products first, otherwise they're all coming your way anyways ;) hahah! Also let me know what you think about the DIY idea! Thankyou so much! Love you guys! <3
Take care and have a blessed Friday!!!


  1. nice post!!! MUA is really intersting! :)

  2. Definitely do the DIY! I'd love to read it :)

  3. Wow lucky you! Congo shongo! I never win anything and well I don't mostly enter giveaways because of that reason only! LOL And I have to say I totally agree what you said about the owner of Dhanak. I got my Naked Palette from her. She is a sweet heart!!! And also I have gotten stuff from Sidrah from IMIP. She is amazing too!! :)

    Wow so that shade is supposed to be dupe for Satin taupe? Satin taupe is a much talked about shade. Would look forward to see swatches if you do a detailed review later! The matte flesh tone I planned to get too because its just the most useful colour ever!

    And you totally should do the DIY! :)

    1. Hahah, I don't usually enter giveaways but I had to because it promoted Dhanak and she is really a sweetheart!!! Shade 11 is gorgeous, I'll review it very soon but you have to have it in your collection girl!!!

      DIY definitely coming up :D Thanks <3

  4. will wait for ur review on the eyshades so I can add up these in my wishlist of MUA
    do the DIY

    1. These are amazing! You deifnitely should! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thankyou! :) There is another one coming up very soon ;) If you know what I mean hahahha

  6. nice haul,great photography & owl is super cool!!!

  7. nice haul =)


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