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Patriotic Cupcakes!!!

So I've been feeling a bit under the weather since last night, I think I partied too hard lol! Since I don't feel too well, I just thought I'd share some of these goodies with you guys, this was my first attempt icing cupcakes even though I've baked these and much more before, I hope these don't disturb anyone's roza much :P But I just had to share!

  Sorry if the icing's a bit messy, like I said this was my very first attempt and some of it got smudged and I had to do these fast cuz a bunch of kids were waiting for these like hungry wolves right behind me hahhah!

Thought I'd share these too! These were a series of 5 "Patriotic" rings I made, 4 representing our four provinces, and one representing the vision of Quaid of Pakistan as one nation without any provincial divisions of heart and mind. the whole concept revolved around the saying, "paanchon unglian mil kar muthee banti hai" hence I made rings to depict that together, we are a strong nation! We're not Sindhis, not Punjabis, not Pashtun or Balochi, we are all PAKISTANIS!

The one you see below with the design is actually a small Sindhi topi, and on top of the topi I enamelled a patriotic ajrak motif! So this one's for all my beautiful Sindhi followers and friends <3 All four are now sold out except for the Jinnah one, which I kept for myself, it is so cute, maybe I'll show you guys some other time! :)

I hope all these patriotic posts aren't too much for you guys, I just get very absorbed into these things, this time of the year, gotta love Pakistan, but I promise something different very soon! Hahah!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post, sorry I am not feeling too good so can't photograph hauls, or review anything at the moment. Comment down below if you'd like to know anything about the cupcakes or the rings, I'd love to share the recipe with you guys and for those interested, I can and do make these rings (I make just about anything but I'm not trying to advertise myself hahah) :) Oh and a happy Independence Day to India, which is just about over now but oh well! :P


  1. Oh I 'd be soo interested in the ringsss! Very unique. I'm exactly the same with icing my cupcakes, definitely not my forte!

    1. Hahahh! :) It's especially hard when you just want to eat them up!

  2. Wow talented hunn <3

  3. aww such cute rings!!lovely :)

  4. Awww what a lovely thought behind those adorable rings!! And the cupcakes and the green icing look totally awesome!! :)


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