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REVIEW: ESSENCE Mono Eyeshadows

Hi girls! I'm going to review the Essence Single Eyeshadows today! The brand launched in Pakistan "OFFICIALLY" last year and while a lot of their products caught my eye because of the cute packaging, these eyeshadows were my first purchase from the brand.

When I first swatched 43 Mystic Lemon Holographic eyeshadow in store I just fell in love with how smoothly it transferred to my skin, and how CRAZY pigmented it was! I mean crazy! This shade is a lovely cream color with a yellow gold iridescence which I really like! In the pictures it looks like any regular cream eyeshadow but in real life it has this gorgeous duo chromatic yellow gold shimmer with a hint of different hues in different lightings.

Another thing that is awesome is the amount of product! This eyeshadow will last you a long time with 2.5gms of product and with the amazing pigmentation you only need to touch your brush once! For the price, of just $1.99 (at Ulta) or Rs/-250 (in Pakistan) the product is amazing!

-Inner corner and brow bone highlight! (I get compliments from my girls all the time with this and the yellow tinge really brightens things up)
-Cheekbone highlight!

I bought two of these, not just as a backup because I love this stuff, but because the first one broke on me :(
It's lid just fell apart from the hinges so I wasn't so happy with the flimsy packaging.

Now onto the Essence 35 Party All Night Metallic eyeshadow! This is one little bad boy! Ugh. It is gorgeous!!! Enough said.

I love how smooth satiny it is without having the flaky effect of most metallic eyeshadows! It glides onto the eyes effortlessly too, however I would say that the pigmentation of this compared to Mystic Lemon isn't all that amazing, you do need a good eyeshadow primer underneath this and it's buildable so that's a plus you can really work it onto the lids for a flawless metallic effect or even use it with the wet brush technique, but the swatch is just absolute gorgeousness!

What I don't like about this product is again the packaging, but then for the price it isn't bad you just have to be careful with it. Also, I don't like how some eyeshadows don't have testers in store like 35 Party All Night, which I pretty much just bought by examining it through the packaging, but since it turned out to be such a little babe, I'm not complaining! =D

The wear time for both is good for me, I've used both with and without primers and they last a good 5-7 hours on me, with primer even longer.

-Available easily in Pakistan now.
-Great pigmentation.
-Soft, easy to use shadows.
-Long lasting even without a primer.
-Not crazy expensive, good value for the money.

-Flimsy packaging.
-Not all shades have testers in store.

My Rating:
        4/5: LOVE! This one's a keeper.


  1. U r right. i also swatched these eyeshadows and these are so smooth and velvety :) thanks for sharing. (Follow me back)

  2. Gorgeous shades and so reasonable too! :)

  3. from where i can get these in lahore?

    1. Hi Amal! Thankyou for stopping by :)
      You can get these and more Essence products in Lahore at Al-Fatah, Enem Store in Liberty and Destiny in DHA!

  4. I love your pictures! and your reviews too, I havent tried the Essence mono shadows yet as I'm not a big fan of single shadows =/


    1. Thanks Imah! I think some single shadows by Essence are really worth checking out for the price! I used to not be much a single shadow enthusiast but do I love these or what! :)

  5. I really like them. If you dislike the package, you can always depot them. It's very easy.


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