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REVIEW, Swatches & 2 Looks: e.l.f Nymph Dreams

Hi girls! Today I am going to review one of the e.l.f $1 Eye Brightening Quads in Nymph Dreams! It's the perfect little quad for the summer trend of wearing pastel shades on the lids, and the minty green shade is just perfect for that subtle wash of color on the lids!

The four shades in this quad include a light pastel yellow with hints gold- such a pretty color! A minty pastel green which is so on trend! The last two shades include a shimmery taupe which comes out as a satin finish like the rest of the shades in this quad and a nice golden bronze! There are no mattes and the most shimmery are the yellow and the bronze shades.

The packaging isn't so great and gets messed up pretty quick but for a DOLLAR you really can't complain! It's compact and gives you four completely different shades to play with which is a plus for me! :)

Here are swatches from this quad with an eyeshadow base-the e.l.f Eyelid Primer, underneath.

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting such pigmentation at all! The shadows go on so SMOOTH, and with or without a primer, three shades from this quad are pigmented enough for me! The minty green color, that's the one that does need a base underneath in order to really show, but perhaps that's just my medium skin tone. On lighter skin tones, this shade would be great even without a base underneath! However, the real reason why you require a base underneath these shadows is for them to adhere to something. These do have quite a bit of fallout too. On their own these aren't going to stay very long.

On the positive side, are the four varying shades in this quad, which allow you to experiment with different looks. I like how they've paired a minty green with these neutral colors, which is great for a pop of color on the eyelids.

Here's two completely different looks I've created using this quad. One's a very graphic winged liner I drew on with a wet angled brush using the green shade only and the other is a more subtle look with the yellow in the inner corner and browbone, mint green on the lid and the taupe shade in the crease for the slightest of definition!

-Shadows are smooth and not chalky
-Pigmentation is good enough, some better than others
-Amount of product is good enough

-Shadows do have some fallout
-Do not stay long without a primer

My Rating:

3/5: Hmm, Why not!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked the post and the looks. Do you own any e.l.f Eye Brightening Quads? Which one's your favorite? Comment down below, I'd love to hear from you! Follow my blog if you like! <3


  1. Im so in love with ur posts... mmmm ur clicks are too awsum <3 do tell me which camera u used honey?

    1. Thankyou so much! I'm in love with all the support! Love all my followers! <3
      I have a Nikon camera!

  2. The graphic liner look is my favorite! Very pretty!

    1. Thanks! Mine too! <3 I'm all for dramatic looks! =)

  3. Love the whole setting of your blog! Very creative! The background picture with the red lips and the those red hearts look super cool! I even love that font you have for your watermark! :) And like everyone else I am quite impressed with your photography skills!

    Coming to this post both the eye looks are really pretty but the graphic winged eye liner is stunning!!
    If I remember correctly did you also post some pics on the Beauty Unleashed page of stuff you got from them. Because I remember some really nice and creative shots!

    Oh and you asked if we own any of these ELF quads and which is a favourite. I actually own quite a few of them(not this one though)but have not gotten around using them. I did not own a lot of eye shadows back when the ELF Pakistan FB page and website showed up so I grabbed a few! Now I have other ones but these are certainly not bad value for money! But ya it is a hit and miss with the various quads and the various shades within the quads as well

    1. Thankyou SO SO much Faith!!! I absolutely love and have no words for the amazing support I have gotten from so many people in a matter of days! THANKYOU! =D

      Yes, I did post my photos of the Sleek Storm Palette on the Beauty Unleashed page! Must say I love that palette too!

      Oh yes, e.l.f quads can be a hit an miss, but thankfully I research like crazy before purchasing even something as cheap as a dollar, so the only ones I have are pretty good for starters. The Drama quad is quite something! Maybe you should try them out and see how they work for you, do you have a blog? I'd love to follow :)

  4. You are most welcome Ayesha! :) You deserve all the support and I hope you continue to do even better with each day!!

    Oh ya so it was you alright! :)

    Oh ya I do have the drama quad and there is a brown one I do like brownstone I think. I did not really play around with them enough I guess. Awww that is a such a good thing research does help a lot! Aur phir haq halaal ki kamai ho tou insaan ko dard hota hai yaar.. I do research stuff now but back then I don't remember if I did search a lot for the reviews. I was being greedy and wanted to get as many eye shades as I could and this was a bargain!!

    Btw you can call me Zainab(or Faith as well I have no issue with that either hehe)
    Awww I don't have a blog :) I am no make up expert and not that creative either :(

    1. Aww Zainab don't underestimate yourself. You never know until you have tried ;) I always thought I could never be a great blogger like the ones we already know of from Pakistan like Sara, Sidrah and Rabeeyah to name a few, I really love them all and it makes me so proud, so I thought why not try! And I am estatic with joy from all the love I am recieving, hopefully I can give it back to my readers too! :)

    2. I know Sara, Sidrah and Rabeeyah are among my favourites too!! I know should not underestimate myself but I don't know if I can be dedicated and regular enough to do this. Maybe one day when I am motivated enough for now I will just enjoy the blogs by you guys!! (:

      Awww I know its heartening to see the positivity and MashAllah I have to say each member and blogger I have come across on the Pakistani beauty blogging community and specially the ones I have interacted with has been so friendly and so amazing!! :)

  5. great swatch ayesha!!! i'd love to get one of these myselve, but i don't know elf is still delivering products in Pakistan, does it cover islamabad? i've no clue coz their fb page isn't available. you guys know anything? :(


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