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REVIEW: Luscious Lips in Raspberry!

Hello girlies! If you didn't know before this that a major trend for this year is bright PINK lips, whereeeeeeee haveee you been???

The Luscious Signature lipstick in Shade 16, Raspberry is just perfect for this trend! My blog has a thing for Shade 16 Lipsticks :P Hahah, somehow, I end up reviewing Shade 16's. Anyways, getting back to the product, if you've heard of Luscious Cosmetics, you have probably come across their Signature Lipstick collection as well. In case you haven't, these lipsticks are enriched with Jojoba Oil, pronounced "ho-hoe-ba" which is awesome girls! I don't know about you guys but I have been a fan of Jojoba Oil since back in 2002 or something, it's great for the hair and skin and if it's in these lipsticks, you know what that means? LUSCIOUS LIPS alright!!!

The lipstick itself is a smooth, creamy texture, but it's not the super out of control creamy, so I personally love the consistency! It's nicely pigmented, I'd say a swipe all over and few areas fixed is enough for me. You can build it up and wear it sheer as well and I absolutely love how I can wear this matte, by blotting and wear it creamy as well without the need for an extra product. The color lasts on me pretty good for a creamy lipstick, I want to say 4 hours until the glossiness fades without eating/drinking and then fades evenly.

The packaging doesn't disappoint it's nice and pretty though a bit chunky but these lipsticks contain more product than the Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipsticks! You may however, need to be careful with this lipstick melting on a very hot day!

I absolutely love how these smell, a coconut-vanilla scent which isn't super overwhelming but some may not like it. The one thing I absolutely LOVE is the COLOR! Honestly, I'd like to personally thank Luscious Cosmetics/Meharbano Sethi/whoever may be behind this shade, for giving us the PERFECT bright pink shade for Pakistani women!!! I love how this has the perfect undertones to look good and not gaudy on my yellow-olive skin tone! Please local brands, come up with such colors more often, us Asian women also like to carry a bright lip now and then. The fact that this lipstick moisturizes along with many more nice things makes it all the more worth the 675 PKR.

Lastly, this shade is bang on trend for this year, so why not? If you don't want to order it online, go try it in store before you buy, honestly, it doesn't matter, take your sanitizer along and you can lather your lips later. Will I repurchase this lipstick? I already have! One for me, one for my Mom! Infact I love it so much, I would like to give one away! Let me know what you guys think about that? :)
-Lasting power


-Honestly, this time I really have to say none.

My Rating:
5/5: Makes me feel like a diva!

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Love you all!


  1. Bas this is so going in my list of items I wanna haul when I visit the drugstore next :D <3 love bright fuschia lipsticks :D

    1. High five to that girl! Hope you like this one! I loveee it! :)

  2. I have never been satisfied with Luscious lipsticks.. this one seems promising!


    1. Oh really? Acha I have never really LOVED any products by Luscious other than their lip products and foundations!

  3. your swatches tempted me so much thats its in my list now. going to buy it now. Thankyou for the lovely review :)

  4. Thankyou Shinaaya! It definitely is tempting, hope you like it just as much if you buy it!! :D

  5. Such a PRETTY color! I am so into dark lips. Looks good on you. xx

  6. Ive been loving these signature lipsticks!! I had my eye on this shade since it released since I love bright pink lipsticks. Great review

  7. I'm so gna buy this I hv a few hot pink shades in different brands but this looks super hot ;) thanks for review Ayesha here comes your new follower follow me bk.

  8. oh my this is a seriously lovely shade! i've never owned any luscious lipsticks, guess i need to check them out now! xx

  9. i am glad I oredered it.its sucha pretty color.


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