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Small tokens of affection.

I don't know why but lately I have been obsessed with ear studs! Big ones, small ones, shiny ones. I have rarely ever been into studs all my life and suddenly this new found love seems like it's here to stay, hahah. I recently got myself, my sister and my twin friends, who I'd like to introduce as M and M, (MnM's of my life!) some jewelry pieces!

Got these roses for my sister and myself, the big coral ones, they were just too hard to resist. The small coral ones, I had these already so I got them for my sister and the white earrings and ring matched by coincidence even though I bought them on separate occasions from different stores.

Next I picked up these little heart studs and slightly bigger round ones from Haroons.

Got more hearts in different colors for M and M! :)

For my sister and me :)

For my "bestie" and me! Twin rings! <3

For M! The color just reminded me of you at first sight M! Honestly, one of the classiest girls I know! Love youuuu! Yay for triplet rings! ;)

My friend S and I went shopping and picked up these earrings for M, and they're all in shades of coral, mine are deep orange, S got the coral ones and we got these pastel coral ones for M, and they match the other M's ring perfectly, hahah, maybe you guys can share no? Hahah :P

That's it for my rather small tokens of affection, I wonder when I'll be able to give these and the rest of the stuff to you guys, but I hope it's very soon! Miss you girls so much!!! <3 Even though these are really small pieces of jewelry, the thoughts, love and the magic of the triple power is behind them ;) It really doesn't matter what you give, it's your intentions that truly matter.

Hope you all have a great day, filled with love and joy where ever you may be, and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. sure cuties u got!! Love them all<3

  2. Adorable! Studs are so classy, feminine and all things girly :D

  3. Love the rings- they are so nice!!!


  4. so cute :) and lovely... all things are adorable


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