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REVIEW: MUA Single Eyeshadows

So in one of my hauls I showed you guys the MUA Single Eyeshadows in Shade 17 Matte and Shade 11 Pearl. Here's a review and swatches guys! :)

Shade 17 is a simple matte fleshtone colored eyeshadow, whereas Shade 11 is a gorgeous taupe shade with a smooth satin finish that has an almost metallic sheen to it.
The packaging is simple and easy to open unlike the bigger palettes by MUA I feel these are far more easier to open and sturdier as well. I love that you get a whooping 2 g of product! That is a lot of eyeshadow!
Top: Shade 11 Pearl Bottom: Shade 17 Matte

Left: Shade 17 Matte Right: Shade 11 Pearl 

I absolutely love these and here's why!

-Nicely pigmented! 
-Super soft and blend nicely!
-Smooth and not chalky at all!
-Stay on all day long!
-Not primer dependent for me atleast!
-Lots of product!

I think this is one product I haven't found a single bad thing about yet, regardless of using a base or not, these are beautifully pigmented and though a primer may help these to stay on longer, in my opinion with these shadows I can skip the primer! (Remember if you don't need a product don't feel pressured into using it just because someone says it's essential, it's okay to not load product onto your skin that you don't need anytime!)

I don't experience fading or creasing with these, it might be just my skin type or something and this may not be the case for everyone but I absolutely love these. Shade 17, also featured in my summer favorites is my go to flesh tone shade as you can see it's super close to my own skin tone. Shade 11 is supposedly a dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe and dupe or no dupe, I love this bad boy, such a gorgeous one! A MUST HAVE for me!

-Everything about them!

-MUA should come up with names for these gorgeous little babies!

My Rating:

5/5: Makes me feel like a diva!


  1. Great post! I SO want to try MUA products now.

  2. Nice review Ayesha. I love MUA so much and seriously, their products are way too good for the price. Both of the shades you reviewed are so pretty...xxx

    1. Thanks Sahrish! :) Indeed, some of their stuff is comparable to higher end products!

  3. Gorgeous shades! I love their eye shadows. They are really good for the price :) xx

  4. 11 is seriously gud!

  5. One simple reason for reading your reviews, your pics, they are amazing. I'm not really a great fan of MUA but your pics make everything so tempting,lol... and yes, you are right, they should name them, we love naked, undressed, oh-so-special for a reason;)

    1. Aww thankyou Farah! <3 <3 <3
      Shade 11 is a beauty and it's hard to capture it's gorgeousness on camera but I tried! :)

  6. MUA is just incredible! The quality of them is great for the price and I love buying from them- although some of the things aren't the best!

    1. Indeed! :) Yeah I agree some things can be a miss though!

  7. love their shades. Too good for their price. Not a fan of their lipsticks though.

    http://fabiliscious.blogspot.com/ would love it if u have a look at my blog.. if u like it, do join. I'd be real glad. <3

  8. landed on ur blog through dhanak and totally loving it... I am loving ur photography... u make them so mch more tempting...


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