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Trend DIY: Orange Ombre Lips!

So this is an extension to my previous Trend to Try post, combined with another great trend of the year- OMBRE!! I honestly cannot get enough of this fashion trend, I know I can obsess over things slightly ;) but that's okay right!?
Now this is a fairly simple DIY, nothing too complicated, you need maximum 3 lip products along a gradient of light, medium and dark, or anything on hand really, lip pencils, lip tars, even pigments, cream products that could work for this and a lip brush, so let's get into it!

STEP 1: Use a mid toned orange as a color all over your lips, use it as sheer or heavy as you may. I'm using my Luscious lip brush, which applies lip product nice and even :)

STEP 2: Use a lighter shade of orange and blend it in starting from the center of your lips and moving only slightly outwards. Keep the color nicely blended but also focused more in the center.

STEP 3: Use an orange darker than the midtone color and add that to the outer corners of your lips. Use a warm toned deep red or brown for extra drama if you don't own a darker orange or mix the two together!

And that's the finished look. You could add a touch of lighter gloss to the center for a more dramatic look but as for me this is dramatic enough ;)

Now for those who don't want to be daring enough to do a traffic cone bright tangerine color, here's a simpler more subtle way of combining orange lips with the ombre trend!

STEP 1: Apply a soft tangerine color to the lips, I'm using my MUA Shade 16- Nectar! Read review here!

STEP 2: Take a light matte or shimmer (your preference really) pigment that has a subtle orange tint to it, or just use a fleshtone one and gently press that onto the center of your lips moving outwards. (Ofcourse you can use your nude lipsticks too, especially the ones you find too pale for you, now is the time to whip them out for some ombre)

Time to rock ombre lips!!! Use anything you have on hand to experiment and have fun with different color and combinations! Not only do ombre lips add Oomph to your lips making them fuller, it's a fun way to do something other than the everyday lip!

Let me know if you try this :) Take care and have a great day! Comment down below if you want to say anything, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. lovely I'm in luv with orange too.I can wear it everyday :)

  2. Love it! Gona try it with some nude lips :)

  3. amazing! I saw sam of pixiwoo do this and i loved it! this looks really nice :)


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