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REVIEW: Luscious Signature Lipstick 03-Buff Pink!

 Going all shades of pinks and reds for February! Todays special is Buff Pink by Luscious Cosmetics!

I did a review on the shade Raspberry - 16 last year and I absolutely loved it! So did this shade sweep me off my feet too?

Here's what I think:

Obviously, the packaging is the same. I happen to quite like it even though it is a bit chunky for my liking. Not cheap & plasticy at all. On the contrary it feels very classy to hold and again I love how you can see the shades at the bottom. I do wish Luscious put the names for these lipsticks at the bottom too instead of just the numbers, I mean whats the use of such pretty names if they're not going to be on the product?

The shade on me, is a medium blue toned pink and one of the prettiest pinks I own by far. As far as the formula is concerned, I am very much in love! It's not as moisturizing on the lips as Raspberry was, but is still comfortable to wear and this too, contains the goodness of the Jojoba (ho-ho-ba)! I love that the finish is something in between a satin and a matte! I do however, recommend exfoliating lips prior to application because the formula for this may accentuate any flakes on dry lips.

The pigmentation is pretty average so I do need to swipe a couple of times to get the perfect coverage (maybe its just in the winters its like that, Im not sure, I'll shall update you guys in the summer). Although this particular lipstick isn't crazily pigmented, it LASTSSSS! It lasts amazingly long on me. I wore it to university (where I eat and drink like there's no tomorrow) and by 2:30pm by friend randomly commented "Oh I love what you have on your lips! What is it?" and I really thought to myself, WHAT do I have on my lips because I was certain that with all the coffee, random junkfood and the salad I just ate, the lipstick could not have possibly survived. "Someone hand me a mirror!" I shouted and there it was, after 6 hours of wear (and tear :p) the color still pretty much there with a slight bit of fading. For a lighter shade of lipstick, I think this is brilliant! Me and my friends are hooked!

Do I recommend this? Yes I do! Just like the Shade Raspberry, this has won my heart and it's my new everyday lipstick. It's a color I probably wouldn't have tried on my own (because I love a bold lip) so thankyou Luscious for letting me try this! I don't know if this shade will flatter all skin tones so I strongly recommend visiting a local store nearby to try it on before purchasing.

-Lasting power!

-May accentuate dry bits and flakes.

My Rating:
4/5:  LOVE! This ones a keeper!
Get yours in stores nearby or have it delivered to your doorstep by ordering online here!


  1. I love this color, sooo pretty! I really want to get Raspberry, the formula of these lipsticks are amazing.

    1. You really should! It's the perfect bright pink! Not too over the top and not dull either!

  2. im totally into pinks these days! its a lovely pink! :) x

  3. I like this one but I will get raspberry have my eyes on it for long:) I love the formula as I own won in cinnamon:)

    1. Cinnamon is also on my list! I swatched it and fell in love!

  4. the shade is so amazing

  5. I absolute love this formula. Thanks for the review <3

  6. i love this color.Its absolutely gorgeous.I was scared of pinks before this one.The formula stays for so long.Every word of what you said is so true.The formula does accentuate flakes.{I thought it was just my lips :-)}.The color looks darker in photos.

  7. I love this lipstick! Wanna try more shades :)

  8. I seriously am in love with this Lipstick! Planning to pick up few more shades from the range :) xx

  9. this looks like my cup of tea! I am not into lippies but this shade has really caught my attention, will give this a try.. thanks for the review :)

  10. It is a beautiful colour! Looks so good on your lips. ♥

  11. Such beautiful color <3 I want to get more colors to get my hands on them I need to wait to get my spanding ban over. Ur review created more hype now :D


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