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REVIEW: Wet n Wild Dont Blink Pink!

I can never say no to a bright bright pink lipstick now can I? Let's see how the Wet n' Wild Don't Blink Pink fares alongside my most loved pinks!

We've gone into details of Wet n Wild lipsticks in my post here so this one will be quick. The color is gorgeous and the pay off is no less amazing. Like SPF, this too, lasts ages on my lips but I'd say 5-6 hours to be exact! I love how effortlessly comfortable these are to wear and OMG! Major update: So the other day me and my friend were appreciating the beauty of Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy! We both had it on for more than a good 2 hours? So the color was still pretty much fresh and we were chatting our heads off until I needed a sip of water and I drank some and to my surprise and my friends' there was absolutely no trace of lipstick stains or deposits on the rim of the plastic water bottle. NOTHING! It was as if it stuck to my lips like glue? Except glue would be nowhere near as comfortable as these despite the fact that these are super matte!

(I realize that the above anecdote might seem silly, useless information but hey, first of all, just keepin' it real, and second who doesn't want transfer-proof lipstick??? It's not everyday such miracles happen.)

Don't Blink Pink is a tad bit more matte and dry than SPF but nothing uncomfortable. If you have extremely dry lips, I recommend exfoliating like you would with any other matte lipstick and perhaps applying a balm prior to application although I personally don't!

Rose princesse? Pretty much! Here's how it looks on me!

Compared to Sleek's Pinkini, Don't Blink Pink is a touch lighter and completely matte and compared to the Luscious Signature lipstick in Shade 16 Raspberry, it is more  blue toned and bright. A closer match for Pinkini I'd say, however, Don't Blink Pink lacks the crazy neon effect that Pinkini has so if you're looking for a bright blue-toned pink that doesn't look too over the top, you may want to check this one out!

As far as this particular shade is concerned, it's a winner for me! Perfect price, perfect package! It delivers more than you would expect from a lipstick that's drugstore quality and for me this is better than many of the more expensive lipsticks we are tempted to buy. If you're scared a bright pink might not suit you these are the perfect price range to dabble into such new colors with.

I got mine from Lush Grooming Bargains for the price of PKR 450 I believe, although that was a longgg time ago so you may want to check with them for a recent, updated price. I'll be having some Wet n Wild in stock on my blog sale too so keep an eye out for that incase you're interested! Sale starts 7th of March!

My Rating:
5/5: Makes me feel like a diva!


  1. Oh super lovely color, Price is very reasonable as well <3<3<3

  2. I agree, Lip conditioning and exfoliation is a must when wearing these wet n wild lipsticks. The wear time is amazing and I love the way don't blink pink brightens up my complexion. I love these wet n wild lipsticks, although the packaging is crappy!

    Would like it if you come by my blog some time.

  3. Amazing photos as always (I know I'm saying this for 10000th time)! I really want to grab few more shades of Wet n Wild lipsticks though I don't like their packaging at all.

  4. what a great review.. I never tried bright pink, i feel i'll look ugly :)

  5. Love it on ur lips. It was after ur review on sugar plum fairy that I bought it and i am wearing it at work today ;) the color payoff is amazing but i find it hard to apply matte lipsticks and mine got transferred on the rim of glass too :p maybe i put on too much. Loved the pictures as usual :)

    1. A lip balm underneath would definitely ease the wear but I find it works just fine without it too :) Maybe because it's easy to put on too much I literally lightly dab it on my lips first and then swipe it across and that too with a light hand the color is still pigmented but it doesn't feel like a cakey layer of matte product on my lips that way! :) Thanks!

  6. My friend got this, she loves it to bits, cuz it does all the things you reviewed :D now I am tempted,curses makeup buying ban :'(

  7. I am tempted to buy few shades from Wet n wild lipsticks...Thank to u:)

  8. Totally getting this in my next haul!!! LOVE it! <3

  9. Oh my the color is so pretty. I need it now.

  10. I need to get more shades from this range! I love this bright pink

  11. wow wetn wild lipsticks have so many mac dupes but i never bought them coz i wasnt sure abt staying time.TRANSFER PROOF ?really?my husband would love them hehe.He is always going on abt how i stain drinking glass and cups around the house and how i should avoid lipstick when wt home(not a chance).it looks so pretty on u.is it luscious raspberry in the comparison swatch?


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