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REVIEW: Elf Studio BB Cream!

Hey! I'm back with a review, that too of one of my current favorites! To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this e.l.f Studio BB Cream at all, but after a few hundred uses, I think my verdict is pretty clear!

 First of all, I think the packaging is beautiful! The outer tube is a matte rubbery material and comes with a pump and a plastic cap and is lightweight. Way to go e.l.f!  But second, it's also not the most practical packaging! A squeezy tube with a pump? Let's just say it took me some time to get used to it along with some occasions when I'd need to squeeze the tube to get product to the pump and then just pump it out. Kinda strange, but as I got used to it, the pump actually is very much controllable so it's not half bad. I've had foundations in tubes where I've more often than just once squeezed out access product. So I suppose the pump is actually much more hygenic and useful so long as it works.

The product comes with SPF 20 along with an infusion of anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe, Cucumber and Jojoba! Sounds so nice and refreshing! Refreshing is exactly what I feel when I apply this to my face! The scent may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I find it super refreshing! It reminds me of face wipes that you get in fancy hotels and air planes. Sounds strange I know but that is exactly what the scent reminds me of, fresh face wipes, and it's quite noticeable so there's a chance if you dislike that scent, you might be put off by this BB creams fragrance. I, however, happen to find it extremely nostalgic and comforting so it definitely a plus! The scent fades away after application so it's not an issue.

The coverage is light but can be built up. Even with light coverage it takes care of redness around my nose and acne scarring which seemed a little unbelievable to me at first! To be honest, even on a bad skin day, this seems to conceal my imperfections way better than any other foundation or BB cream I regularly use. Perhaps the moisture in this is the secret to that. I was afraid the SPF would give me a white cast but it isn't very noticeable even in extremely harsh lighting and flash so that too leaves me impressed.

The finish, however, is what truly won me over! Say hello to extreme, dewy deliciousness! It's hard to capture in photos but it's so nicely dewy, it's quite shiny but if you're extremely oily skinned that could be a big problem! I have oily to combination skin, and I absolutely LOVE it! My dry skin areas couldn't have been happier and I love the luminous finish it gives my skin. Leaves skin looking youthful and radiant! I normally powder my T-zone just to be on the safer side but I've noticed it lasts just as well as other normal foundations and BB creams, even on days I do not follow that routine. I also was lucky enough to find a perfect match in the shade BUFF my very first time so I couldn't be more happier! The fact that this comes in many other shades too, is what makes this a great recommendation!

Left: Bare skin. Middle: A swipe of the BB cream. Right: Blended all over the face.

To sum it all up, for someone who wouldn't dream of putting on extremely dewy foundations on their face, this BB cream has changed all that and won my heart! The dewiness was unexpected but boy am I glad I stumbled upon this gem. I will definitely repurchase when I run out! Love using this over my foundations along the cheekbones for a glow on weddings too! This will definitely be fab for dry skin if you can find a match! You can get yours at Beauty Hub for PKR 1000 or the elf website HERE for $6!

-Moisture infused product.
-Extremely dewy.
-Lasts well (7-9 hours)
-Great for my oily to combination skin.
-Smells refreshing.

-Pump-tube hybrid packaging.

My Rating:
4/5: Impressed beyond expectations!

Have you ever bought an item that exceeded your expectations? Let me know down below! Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Nice and detailed post.....I love your skin......xoxoxo.....^_^

  2. Wow. It covers up pretty well. And oh my, did you say DEWY? It's my weakness, I should totally get it. x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Off to find my match. . . :D
    It sounds amazing! <3

  5. The shade looks like it's made for you! The coverage is amazing.

  6. wow ELF has always been very close to my heart but i never trusted the complexion products until now.Your review has left me craving for it :p I think i should try it next winter because I am big oilllly.Great review xoxoxo

  7. Hi Ayesha! Would you recommend this shade for someone who has wheatish colored skin?? Thing is I've been using Garniers BB Cream so far, since I just started using it, although i love the concept of BB Cream Garniers gives me an overly pale look for some reason! And it doesn't help that only comes in two shades! So would you recommend BUFF for someone who has a slightly wheatish skin (i'm not completely fair)?? I have oily to combination skin too..

  8. I love dewy BB creams during winter, this one looks really good!

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